What would you like in your Christmas stocking this year?

We threw that question to the community a few weeks back. And boy, did we get a lot of interesting answers!

No surprises there when vouchers for massages, sleep-ins, mani-pedis, personal chefs, box of chocolates were mentioned. And we agree one thousand and one percent that Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Craig, Alex O’laughlin, Johnny Depp and Channing Tatum make a surprise appearance. It’s only fair and just.

So in the spirit of Christmas, we thought we’d put together the rest of the wish list so we can all compare notes. Because sharing is caring. Merry Christmas!

Christmas stocking 2

  • A plane ticket to a luxury seaside resort.
  • Hug vouchers and a fancy bottle of perfume.
  • I would love a weekend away with my hubby.
  • A handpainted leather handbag. My new infatuation!
  • A new steam pod. Mine has been my best friend for the last four years but now there’s a new version and I would love to upgrade!

Christmas stocking 4

  • As long as it is something picked or made with love I am going to adore it.
  • A hair-dresser appointment, box of cider and some new non-maternity bras!
  • I would love a beehive for christmas.
  • Some new headphones for my phone for when I exercise, the beat puts a spring into my step.
  • I would love a voucher for a full day of babysitting so that I can scrapbook! And a coffee and doughnut delivery on the same day wouldn’t go astray.

Christmas stocking 3

  • I would like a Thermomix! I am more than happy to buy a bigger stocking to ensure it fits. It would make our meal times so much more interesting and tasty!
  • I’d love to have a chef come to my home and cook me and my family a beautiful three-course Christmas lunch.
  • A big curved driveway mirror in my stocking would be awesome for my peace of mind and my kids safety.
  • A new book/novel plus the hours to read it!
  • I’d love another baby. Probably a tall ask from Santa though, but fingers crossed he can work something out with the stork. Failing that I’d also be happy with a year’s supply of Allen’s pineapple lollies!

Christmas stocking 5

  • A Flight Centre gift card so that I could take a fabulous holiday anywhere in the world!
  • I’d love a spare $500 to get those bills out of the way while hubby is off work on Christmas break.
  • Perfume please Santa. A proper, expensive one. Not the cheapies I buy myself at discount chemist stores!
  • A family voucher to sea world, so I can stay home with peace and quiet while someone else takes them out for the day.
  • Home made gifts from my four children.
  • A booking voucher to finally get my motorbike licence with QRide after having my learners for 10 years.
  • Depends.. how big is this stocking? I do need a new phone, our baby recently dropped ours in the fish tank!
  • A new iPod to listen to my favourite music while I exercise.

Christmas stocking 6

  • A big box of mangoes.
  • Magic pills that make the kids sleep all night – but if that’s not going to happen I would love a box of chocolates to indulge.
  • I would LOVE a bottle of champers and a big diamond ring in my stocking. From my very own Santa. He owes me at least that for having his six children.
  • I’d love a boyfriend! Or some new Chanel makeup… either’s good.
  • I would love a bottle of wine and a voucher for a kid free night that involves a bubble bath and foot massage!
  • To finally get to spend a proper good Christmas with my husband and my princess.

Christmas stocking 7

  • A few fingers of fudge.
  • I would like a friend for my pug, Pugsley. An English bulldog would be perfect! Have wanted one my whole life.
  • A notebook and a new pen to keep my journalling going.
  • A flight ticket to Germany to spend Xmas with my family this year. I haven’t seen my dad, brother and sister since 2009.
  • A new camera so I could continue to grow my little photography business.
  • My Christmas morning will be full of cheer if my stocking is filled with workout gear for the new year to help me persevere with my fitness goals!
  • Tupperware, that has lids!
  • A couple’s vacation voucher. Our honeymoon was a disaster and we haven’t had the money since.
  • I would love a plane ticket to anywhere.

What would you like in your Christmas stocking 1

  • Educational, a well made product and something to hand down later when hopefully I have grandkids.
  • Being a new mum to a 16 day old daughter, I am hoping my partner puts together something sentimental from our girl; the likes of hand and foot print cards, a photo album, anything.
  • I would love to see a membership for my local pool. Nothing beats the relaxing feeling you get after a swim. With four kids I don’t think it will happen for me.
  • One of those Nutribullet things to help me in my quest for health and toning my body – I think the kids would get on board too which would help me stay on track.
  • My daughter who is deployed overseas.

Christmas stocking 8

  • A brilliantly powerful vacuum cleaner. If Santa wants to throw in an operator too, that would be worth a bonus mince pie.
  • I would love a cheque for the amount of my debts. I’m not greedy I would just be happy to be debt free.
  • Love and happiness for my children.
  • World peace. But I’d settle for a sleep in past 6am and a cup of tea in bed!
  • I’ll settle for anything above a severed foot, really.
  • I would love a stop watch so I could slow down the time to be able to enjoy and spend more quality time with my family, which is priceless to me.
  • I would love a return airfare for my dear old Mum to come and visit for Christmas. She is 78 and would love to meet her great grandson.
  • A set date to have my tonsils removed and a few teeth pulled out. I’m over the pain and the waiting list is never ending.

Christmas stocking 9

  • For the kids to have a great day, and some sparkly jewellery would be nice!
  • I’ve never felt so old since having my second child so I’d like some seriously heavy duty anti-aging serums!
  • A bike.
  • Mr Sprout heads, miniature flower press and jewellery/beading sets.
  • A few more weeks till Christmas would be my desire!
  • I’d love some new some new Activewear. #DroppingTheKidsToSchoolInMyActivewear
  • Scented candles and a good book AND, if I am lucky enough, some nice chocolate would be amazing!
  • I’d like to see keys to a new car in my stocking this year! My car is too old, it’s almost dead and we need a new car desperately!!
  • I would love Wooden Baby Playgym for my first baby which will soon be joining me!
  • A homemade voucher from my daughter saying “valid for one sleep-in” of a weekend morning!
  • A stocking full of board games!
  • My family in the Christmas stocking would be perfect, being able to spend Christmas with my whole family for the first time in nine years would be a dream come true.
  • I would love two tickets to a cruise – anywhere.

What does your list look like?

PS. Santa tweeted us this early Christmas pressie. He can’t quite give us the real deal. On account of they’re all sold out! The inhumanity. 

Christmas stocking 11

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