Welleco Kids Nourishing Protein review

welleco kids nourishing protein review
Image from Welleco.

Before I go on with this review I have to admit that I bought Elle Mcpherson’s green elixir drink when it came out. Because I hoped it would make me look like her. Hah! I know right?

It was too expensive for me so I stopped (and I found a cheaper alternative to it). But then I saw the company advertising the kids’ drink, Kids Nourishing Protein, on Facebook and I decided to read up on it.

Their website says this; “If your child matches one or more of these traits, our clean hormone free, organic plant protein would be beneficial for their growing body – fussy eater, poor concentration, sweet tooth, always sick.”

My daughter read the website and said “I’m a fussy eater. I have a sweet tooth.” She was right. She is the fussiest of eaters and she does have a sweet tooth. I looked at the ingredients and they are certified organic. Although I must say there were some stuff I didn’t understand in there but feel free to take a look at it yourself.

I’ve been adding the supplement to my daughter’s milk in her lunchbox and so far, so good. She loves the drink and has no problem substituting what she used to have with it (the occasional chocolate milk). Having said that, I haven’t seen any big changes in her. She still loves ice cream but she hasn’t been asking for it a lot. She’s still a fussy eater but she hasn’t gotten sick even with the weird weather. I have noticed she’s more active and able to concentrate on her homework much better, so maybe it is working.

One thing you need to know is that this isn’t sugar free. So if your family is on a sugar free or low sugar diet, consider the sugar content of the drink. It is still a better alternative to the really high sugar ones like Milo (46.4g sugar/11.6 teaspoons of sugar per 100g) since the Nourishing Protein is only 21.1g/5.2 teaspoons per 100g. It’s not bad compared to what is around these days.

You might have a problem with the price though. It’s $34 for a half kilo tin. It does last long since you only need one scoop of the powder in the milk. So far, it’s lasted us roughly a month and I give it to her five days a week. But if you have more than one child, it will be more costly. Hopefully, they’ll reconsider the pricing in the future.

Disclosure: We didn’t receive anything. We just really wanted to try it.

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