Reignite Your Spark With Your Wardrobe This Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day style

I’ve always been under the impression that fashion and having a sense of style should be fun and about what we feel good wearing, but like a long term relationship, sometimes we get comfortable and think ‘Jeans a t-shirt will do’. Then one day we wake up and wonder where did our excitement for having our own style go?

To me, this sounds awfully similar to long term relationships where even though you love your partner more than anything, that excitement of having a date night often goes. You get yourself into a habit of eating at the same places, wearing the same date night outfit and just not getting up to anything new…

Valentine’s Day puts the pressure on us to go over the top and be all hearts, flowers and confetti – but what it should do is remind you to make that effort with your style and self-confidence not only for your partner’s sake, but for yourself.

Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities in a person, but if you’re not feeling too fabulous at the moment, I’ve narrowed down a few things you can do to reignite the spark with your sense of style which in turn, will hopefully win you a few brownie points and desirable glances from your other half.

Live By This Rule: If you don’t feel fabulous in an item of clothing, you don’t buy it. You don’t wear it. You sell it or donate it. Fashion and style should be about fun and feeling great, not just something that serves a practical purpose.

Valentine's Day style

Wear Decent Underwear: You know that feeling when you walk into IKEA and open the cupboards and they’re all so organised, it makes you feel that if you were even a smidgen as organised as the IKEA merchandisers that your life would be in order? Well you’ll feel the same way wearing sets of underwear instead of mixing and matching. Get fitted for your bras when shopping with a range of brands, have nude and black sets and some fun sets for those nights when your outfits won’t be effected by coloured, lacy knickers. By doing this, you’ll not only feel better and more organised, but your underwear drawer will look much nicer too.

Whip Out The Heels: Heels don’t get near enough praise as they should, they show off your legs, shape your booty nicely and excite our partners like nothing else! Remember, as women, we don’t have half as many hang ups about shoes as we do about clothes – so have fun with it, wear the ones that excite you most!

Valentine Day style

Take The Lead With The Plans This Valentine’s Day: If you want to get that killer outfit out, you need somewhere to wear it. Tell them you’re taking them out, that they need to wear something extra fabulous and do something that both of you haven’t done in a really long time.

Most of all, remember that Valentine’s Day should be time to not only love your partner, but yourself too. It’s a day that should remind you just how fabulous you can feel in heels and sexy lingerie, how exciting a new date destination could be and how much you love your partner.

Alarna Hope: How to shop like a fashion stylistAlarna Hope is a Fashion Stylist and Body Positive Influencer. Based in Sydney, Alarna has spent the past several years in the fashion industry and over the span of her career she’s had the opportunity to dress and assist some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Alarna has since launched That Effortless Bitch, a blog aimed at women who can’t afford a personal stylist, but who have real, everyday issues. Her blog provides realistic and genuine information for the women fashion forgot about.

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