Trolls movie review and Digital release

Trolls is a spectacularly fun movie for kids, with characters based on the Troll dolls in the 60’s. It is colourful, fun and filled with memorable music.

The story is about these small creatures living in a community where everyone is always happy, always singing, always hugging. It’s all love, no war. But one day, while celebrating, the party attracts the attention of their mortal enemy – the Bergens.

Princess Poppy’s father escaped the Bergens a long time ago. The Bergens are very unhappy creatures who can feel happiness only when they eat a Troll. Gruesome, right? Trolls are basically like candies filled with sugar that gives a momentary high before the horrible crash.

The party’s fireworks attract the Bergens and they attack the Trolls, capturing a lot of them. Poppy was able to hide and decides to rescue the others. But everyone else is scared to go with her. So she goes alone, bringing a very reluctant sulky troll with her named Branch.

They go on an epic adventure to save the other Trolls. Along the way, Poppy and Branch learn more about each other and end up liking each other in the end. This movie is about courage, friendship and the realisation that even though we are different from each other, it doesn’t mean we can’t get along. There might be some scary bits for younger kids in the movie but it’s all very colourful so it’s not that bad.

And the songs! The kids love the songs even before they saw the movie. Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake sing songs that will get stuck in your head long after you’ve seen Trolls.

Now, you can bring the happy home! Dreamworks Trolls on Digital HD is available today! Look out for the Blu-Ray and DVD edition from Wednesday 15th March.

The extra special party edition includes new sing-along, dance-along ‘party mode’ and is packed with fun, colourful extras, perfect for family movie night.

You can also enjoy the movie with some arts and craft stuff for kids. They will love these FREE activity sheets for the kiddies – colouring sheets, connect the dots, word search and more:

Or you can try out these DIY Trolls hair on YouTube. So cute!

Disclosure: We received Troll copy to review.

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