Tips when claiming travel insurance

Tips when claiming travel insurance

Before you head overseas to travel, you need to get travel insurance for your holiday. No matter how much you plan your trip, you will never be assured it will all go as planned. Better safe than sorry, right? Especially when you’re travelling with kids.

So here are some tips to ensure you aren’t out of pocket even more when travelling.

Read your policy’s fine print

Different travel insurance companies cover different things. It is tedious to read what is covered in your policy but it is worth doing. For instance, can you claim your camera if it was broken while in your suitcase? There are policies that won’t allow you to claim it because you’re supposed to place cameras, iPads and gadgets in your carry-on luggage. These little things are worth knowing before you leave.

Keep all receipts

If something goes wrong, keep receipts of everything. Make sure you have the original but also take a photo of it at the same time and email it to yourself. Here are some ideas of stuff you need to keep in file:

Receipt of:

  • Doctor’s bills
  • Medication bought overseas
  • Airline tickets (if you had to change flights)
  • Hotel bills (if you had to stay extra night because of the change of flights)
  • Dental bills
  • Transportation bills (taxi etc)

Report losses to the police/airline

If you lost something in your hotel room, luggage or anywhere else, you need to report it to the authorities (airline or hotel, too) and get documentation from them. This will ensure that you can claim it from your insurance company when you return. You may not get all your files back but at least you’ll get money for a new computer.

Lastly, make sure you have emergency funds in your bank account. The travel insurance can reimburse you when you get back but while you’re at the thick of it, you need the money to pay for all the bills you incur.

Here’s to happy – and safe – travels!

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