Christmas Giveaway: Teletubbies toys!

teletubbie toys

I discovered the Teletubbies with my first child. I thought they were a bit weird and trippy, but my son instantly formed an attachment to the tubby and cute creatures. I found they were quite soothing to watch at 6am when my eyes were still bleary.

My son would be transfixed as soon as the sun came up over Teletubbyland and I found it was an opportune time to feed my normally reluctant eater his breakfast.

Teletubbies toysThe Teletubbies have played a role in the background for all of my kids in their early years, and now its Ms R’s turn to embrace their quirky and loveable charm. She’s almost three and giggles along with the baby in the sun; loves the bunny rabbits nibbling on the evergreen grass; and always asks me to rewind the strange interludes we feature within every episode, like ocean liners appearing from nowhere, and the teddy bear dancing on the carousel.

Yeah, I guess the Teletubbies are still a bit weird and trippy, but the kids love them all and Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po are all fun to watch.

They are fun to play with as well. The new range of Teletubbies toys brings to life each of the popular TV characters. Kids can recreate Teletubbyland or just snuggle up tight with their favourite little friend. From cuddly plush toys, to playsets and figures, there’s something for every little Teletubbies loving fan.

teletubbie toys
Teletubbies deluxe collectible figures

** Our Teletubbies toys giveaway has now ended**

Teletubbies toys
Teletubbies Superdome Playset & Figure

Congratulations to Sally on winning a Teletubbies toy pack worth over $90 which includes:

  • 1 x Superdome Playset & Figure
  • 1 x Deluxe Collectible Figure

Competition closed 19 November 2016. Please see full terms and conditions.

This isn’t a sponsored post, but Ms R did receive some Teletubbies toys as an early Christmas present!

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  • Glue, sparkles, pipe cleaners, paints, crayons, my girls their craft!
    Balls, bats, toys, trampolines and hats, they love getting out in the backyard,
    Potting mix, seedlings, water cans and gnomes, a fairy garden to nurture gives them joy,
    Picnics, libraries, parks, bbq’s, markets, zoo’s, we love to venture to places that are interesting, fun and we invite friends and family to join us too.

  • I put toys and games away that the kids haven’t shown any love to in a while. I bring them out when again on days when the kids claim there is nothing to do or when they have the grumps. They are generally so happy to see the items again and will play away like they are the latest greatest thing on earth. The trick is always have something inside the cupboard you can magically pull out that is interesting and fun to a 3 year old. Sometimes it can take a while to find something while rummaging through the cupboard. It’s all part of the fun.

  • Giving my girl my time is her favourite thing of all. Watching, listening, helping… as long as I am paying her some attention she is smiling and enjoying her day. I include her in chores, cooking, gardening and give her her own list at the supermarket and she is busy and enjoying her day.

  • We’re going on a Scavenger Hunt, we’re going to find some TREASURE!
    Hide everything from yummy treats, books, dvd’s and music cd’s to colouring books and pencils to inspire an arty activity.
    A scavenger hunt is never boring, keeps bodies active through racing from hiding spot to hiding spot and tests their minds out making them problem solve. I love giving them a heap of clues to get excited over.

  • Get outside! All preschoolers love to explore no matter what the weather and if gumboots are involved then all the better. Fresh air seems to be the magic elixir of contentedness for all of my guys & if the older two are at each other as soon I get them from school then a hell hour stop at the beach or park does wonders.

  • Music! The kids love to move and groove to the sound of the tunes turned up loud. Its a great and really fun, cheap way to burn up all the incessant energy they have as well, perfect for rainy days stuck inside too.

  • My daughters are big on music, especially my youngest. No matter what mood music and dancing always manages to pick them up and bring joy, my son (older) even enjoys the odd dance with his mum.

    If music fails there is always play dough and making mess with sand.

  • In summer, nothing beats a hose or a old fashioned sprinkler in the garden! It occupies them for hours and the garden gets a good water too!

  • The dress up box of wonders, never ceases to get my little ones playing harmoniously. They have the usual princess, super hero’s, and fairy dressups in their bedroom, but the rainy day boredom buster is Mums super special dressup box, filled with “real” stuff. A firemans hat, some high heels, an old hangbag, sunglasses, an old school uniform or two, its filled with clothes that the kids see on big peoples day in and day out, and they love to play grownup dressups. We are regular scavengers at Op Shops for interesting pieces for our dress up box, another activity my kids really love.

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