Tea Gardens Kombucha review

Tea Gardens Kombucha review

Kombucha is so 2016 isn’t it? Not really. Its health benefits still exist even if it’s not a buzzword anymore. It still improves joint function, helps the body cleanse and detox and improves digestion and immunity.

But these weren’t the main reasons why I turned to kombucha. It was because I love soft drinks with meals. I may have switched to no sugar ones but it still isn’t good for you. The latest study just showed that diet colas can triple the risk of deadly stroke and dementia. There’s more downside to it, actually. Only takes a Google search to find out.

But I still wanted something bubbly sweet with my meal, so what can I do?

Kombucha to the rescue. It is sweet and bubbly and actually good for you. The downside? It is more expensive than soft drinks. But who knows? Maybe if it becomes really super popular it’ll end up becoming mainstream and cheaper.

If you couldn’t be bothered making kombucha yourself, then Tea Gardens Kombucha might be the thing for you.

Our Tea Gardens Kombucha review

First of all, the taste. I have tried other kombucha drinks that tasted like vinegar. It wasn’t a pleasant experience and realistically, I wouldn’t be replacing anything with that drink.

Tea Gardens Kombucha, mango flavour specifically, is tasty. The good thing is that you only need a bit of it to satisfy the sweet bubbly drink craving during meals. It’s a great alternative for me.

Second, price-wise it’s reasonable. You can only buy it by the dozen and it’s $32.35 ($2.70 per 350ml bottle) with free shipping. Have a try for yourself. We highly recommend it.


Disclosure: We didn’t receive anything for this, just really liked trying it out.

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