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Childcare and mothers in the news, again


Childcare and mothers in the workforce was quite a popular topic during April. Okay, when is it never a popular (read: controversial) topic? With the impending release of the Government’s Family and Childcare Package due to be announced in May, commentary has been aplenty. I’ve been tracking the articles that…

Five desk lunch ideas


Steggles’ brand new range of ready cooked chilled chicken and turkey meat – Just Eat It – has hit the supermarket. The range offers a lunch alternative that is healthy and easy as well as convenient. The Just Eat It range comes in Oven Roasted Sliced Chicken, Lemon and Herb Sliced…

Coping with school holidays as a WAHM


If you’re a work at home mum, chances are you’re the default parent when it comes to managing school holidays. My husband, who works an hour and a half away from home, never thinks twice about them. Me? As the end of term approaches I’m already planning how I’m going…

Where are all the female CEOs?


“Why are there hardly any female CEOs?” is the bewildered cry. “What on earth are we doing wrong? Do we need more mentors? Do we need more management quotas? Do we need gender-biased recruitment processes?” No. No we don’t. If you ask me, these things are missing the heart of the…

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Finding the perfect child care centre


I’ve been battling with the decision on whether or not to return to the corporate workforce for the past year. For me, it really comes down to more money versus more time with the kids. What I really wanted was something in the middle: just enough money, but more time at home…