own your confidence

8 ways to own your confidence


One of the biggest things that held me back from pursuing my dreams was a lack of confidence. From the outside, I appeared to be confident but I knew I didn’t own my confidence and that was something I knew was essential to be successful. If you have ever heard…

emotional eating

7 ways to stop emotional eating


Emotional eating is a fact of life these days. Our bodies have become too familiar with the abundance of yummy foods, and most of us have lost the ability to eat only when we are physically hungry. Think about it… When was the last time you felt truly hungry? When…

back to school

Beat the back to school blues


After being in “go slow’ mode over the holidays it can be a challenge getting the kids, not to mention yourself, excited about going back to school. With a new teacher, classroom, classmates, and year of new learning experiences ahead, it’s important that children start refreshed, relaxed, and motivated. Rather than…