screen time

How to manage screen time with your kids


Screens, screens, screens. Remember the day when there was one TV per household, and you would gather round at 7.30p.m. to watch one show? Screens are an inevitable part of a child’s day-to-day life, be it tablets or TV screens or anything in between. They’re often made out to be…

Teens, tweens and technology


Incidences of cyber bullying are down and parent-child online transparency is up. This was one of the findings of the research by Intel carried out annually to provide a gauge on the behaviour and opinions of young Aussies when they are online with regard to topics including social media usage,…

Stan, Presto and Netflix, oh my


You’ve seen all the ads. You probably know all the prices. You might have an idea what they are. Let’s try to simplify the implications of getting one for your portable devices at home. Stan, Presto, and Netflix are streaming video contents services in Australia. Their prices range from $8.99…