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coping with kids when sick

Coping with kids when you’re sick


Coping with kids when you’re sick   When you’re a parent, it’s inevitable that every now and then you will get sick. Whether it’s a migraine, the flu or mastitis, your kids still need you. The demands are still there. You’re still going to need to wipe bottoms, pack lunches and…

back to school

3 Tips to prepare for back to school time


There is only a week or two left of school holidays. Then it’s back to school. Back to the daily struggle of waking the kids up early, preparing their breakfasts and lunches, the drop offs and pick ups. Then there’s the homework and school activities, the neverending notes that get…

Christmas on a budget

Surviving Christmas on a budget


Christmas is just about here and for many people the mere mention of it makes them sweat. It can put a big strain on already stretched finances with so much spending concentrated into one part of the year. Some people are really organised and have already got a stash of presents…

extended family

Life without extended family


Our society’s reliance on grandparents has been increasingly in the media these last couple of years. With the rising cost of childcare centres, we need them now more than ever. But what if you don’t have extended family here? No aunts, uncles, grandparents and so on? What’s your alternative? How…

traits millenial mums

Life and times of Millennial mums


Motherhood can be especially frantic when you add into the mix the fast-paced online world. From researching the internet, to sharing advice and posting the latest baby snap on Facebook – our new generation of mums is operating at faster speed than ever before. “We know that today’s mum is…