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apple and date muffins

Apple and Date Muffins


I’m forever trying to find healthy ideas for school lunch boxes that all my kids will it. When I baked these apple and date muffins the kids loved them and my eldest asked if they were afternoon tea or dessert. It was actually a good question because whilst these muffins have…

Group Together review

Group gifts made easy with Group Together


As the parents farewelled each other at the end of our under 6’s debut football season, it suddenly occurred to me that we hadn’t organised a present for our little team’s coach and manager… Noooo!!! While our presentation day isn’t until next month and I am quite close to some of the…

Blitz Nitz Spray & Go

The easy way to Blitz Nitz


Sadly, this kind of conversation in school mum Facebook groups is all too familiar: “Unfortunately the nit saga continues ☹️ Jess has a small case of nits again despite being treated on Thursday. Please check your children’s hair.  This is the 4th time I’ve had to treat the girls in the past…

Recipe ebook for easy school lunches


Having a hard time thinking of healthy and easy school lunchbox ideas for your kids? Well, this ebook is going to be a great source of inspiration. With the help of some school mum bloggers, Steggles has come up with some new recipes for you to try out. They are easy, delicious…