A triathlon at 40


I ventured into the world of blogging nearly four years ago as I was verging on the big Four Oooooh Birthday. I was already reasonably fit but felt the need for some new challenges. Even after losing 25 kg (through lapband surgery) I was still considered “extremely” obese with a BMI…

The running mums of Australia


They’re mothers. They’re running. They are the running mothers of Australia. Running Mums Australia aims to encourage, equip and empower women in their running journey. The site was created to share achievements, events and exchange information about running, fitness and nutrition. It has grown so much over the years and…

My half marathon recap

My SMH half marathon recap. Finally!


It’s been exactly a month since I ran my first half marathon!!! That went quick!!! I have the actual certificate to prove the I ran it. Behold! I have photographic and videographic proofs too! That’s the Hubster who patiently paced me throughout the whole ordeal thing. He’s a good guy that one. Think…

5 tips for staying motivated through winter


Amy Giannotti is a dietitian, sports dietitian, personal trainer, creator of “Amy’s Grains” and is about to open the doors of her café, “The Home of Nutrition”. After just a year in the sport, Amy has also qualified for the Australian Age Group Triathlon Team where she will compete at…

What are you so afraid of?


I have a whole long history that I won’t share in detail because I suspect some of you may already know it and maybe have even lived it too. It is about self-limiting behaviour and lack of self-esteem and comparison and jealousy and discontent. Those things we all have, but…