my child is being bullied

Ask Her: Help – My child is being bullied


In our latest Ask Her column, clinical psychologist Dr Lissa Johnson – who specialises in therapy, treatment, and counselling for individuals, couples and families – talks to us about bullying at school: Q: I have a feeling my child is being bullied at school but I don’t know how to open…

The moments that matter


Life is made up of moments. Some that are forgotten nearly as quickly as they occur while others take your breath away and stay with you for the rest of your days. These moments, the ones that you commit to memory and hold onto forever, these are the ones that…

Let my child fall


We have recently moved from Sydney to Waiheke Island, New Zealand with our three young children. We now live in a place where children are encouraged to explore their physical boundaries. Risks are accepted, embraced, but with boundaries. I recall the specific moment last year where I became really excited…

The pressure to be the perfect mum


Do you feel like you need to be the perfect mum? You are not alone. We are all going through it. According to a latest research, eight in 10 mums feel the pressure to be the perfect parent. This is up from 67 per cent a generation ago. That’s a…

The Guide to Finding Yourself Again


There is a generation of women who feel as if they are coming last in every aspect of their lives. Their days are filled with the heaviness of looking after everyone else. The concept of self-care or ‘me time’ feels like a cruel luxury only celebrities and the Instagram It-Girls…

Inconvenience is not a problem


One of my concerns about raising a child in a first world country is that she grows up with very little understanding for those who are not as blessed as she is. We’ve all seen these types of kids – entitled and expecting to have things handed to them. They…