How to document your life


As a journalist, I’ve written for several publications both locally and internationally, in various topics ranging from women’s health to ultra capacitors, to earthmoving equipment. Working in an industry that wants to document everything has led me to find new ways to document my own life. We’ve all grown up…

Finding time for me-time


Winning back control of your life can be a hard task if you are not armed with this right mindset and tools. Taking care of business is the main focus, after the children of course, in most people’s lives. What is the tool most people use to manage their time…

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There’s no doubt motherhood is one big juggling act. And when you start adding more and more kids’ extra-curricular activities to the mix, things can really start to get crazy. With different news days, library days, training days, play dates, appointments, school events, birthday parties and everything else going on,…