Don’t be a martyr


Martyrs drive me nuts. But I have a confession to make: I may be the worst of them. (I even made myself sick with it last year.) Some people think mother comes from the word martyr and that, as a result, we are somehow politically required to crucify ourselves every…

Stuff no one told me about having kids


Before I had children, so many people told me that it is simply impossible to prepare yourself for parenthood. You can think you know what parenting will be, you can read all the websites, all the books, watch all the videos, attend all the seminars, but you still will have…

superbaby bib

My kid hates taking medicine: A guide


A peril of parenting I wasn’t expecting was the battle that was to come should my child require medication for any reason when they’re ill. I mean, you read about it, it’s not actually a secret that some kids dislike taking medicines. It was just one of those things that…

The fog of motherhood


We’ve all heard the expression, The Fog of War. The lack of clarity replaced by chaos, uncertainty in our own capabilities when you’re right in the middle of it. Sound familiar? We should re-appropriate that term for motherhood. The Fog of Motherhood. Now I’m being deliberate in saying “Motherhood” and…