coping with kids when sick

Coping with kids when you’re sick


Coping with kids when you’re sick   When you’re a parent, it’s inevitable that every now and then you will get sick. Whether it’s a migraine, the flu or mastitis, your kids still need you. The demands are still there. You’re still going to need to wipe bottoms, pack lunches and…

10 tips for instant stress relief


Being a mum there is sometimes just no escape! The stress levels rise and you start to feel out of control. Finding stress relief when you can’t get a minute to yourself is hard, but I think the key is to take a couple of relief measures before you start…

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Let This Year Be All About You


Dear Mums everywhere, The thing I’ve been thinking about a lot is the powerful connection between us and our children; where do we end, and they begin? Usually, us mothers act as if we are no longer women ourselves once we give birth. Oftentimes it feels like we’re voluntarily giving…

Ask Her: How to get your mojo back


Editor’s note: Her Collective is opening its doors to questions from all women. It can be about relationships, trauma, love, life, motherhood and more. You can remain anonymous, of course. We promise not to reveal your information. For our first Ask Her column, clinical psychologist Dr Lissa Johnson – who specialises in therapy, treatment,…