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Working on your passion


I have a young adult fiction book coming out. Let’s just get that out of the way. But more than being just a publicity post, I am writing this for those who always had that niggling thing at the back of their heads – the thing they’ve always wanted to…

Start with the little dreams


A couple of years ago I self published a little children’s picture book called The Dragon and the Lizard. It started out as a thought – me just wanting to preserve a favourite family tale told to us by our mum when we were kids. We had very few books…

My half marathon recap

My SMH half marathon recap. Finally!


It’s been exactly a month since I ran my first half marathon!!! That went quick!!! I have the actual certificate to prove the I ran it. Behold! I have photographic and videographic proofs too! That’s the Hubster who patiently paced me throughout the whole ordeal thing. He’s a good guy that one. Think…

Studying while parenting


I’m often asked how I do it. I’m a mum to four boys aged 15, 13, nine, and six and I am currently in my second year of a three year Doctor of Philosophy. This is my third degree since having my children. I enrolled in a Masters degree by…