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How do you find the right real estate agent?


We all know about rising house prices, especially in Sydney. In my southern Sydney suburb, house prices have grown 30 percent in the past year. It has absolutely exploded. Every week my letterbox has a stack of flyers in it from local real estate agents talking about their latest sales and telling me…

Living in a bus house


You’ve heard of Tiny Houses, now meet the people who turned a bus into a house. Julie Puckett lives in a bus with her partner Andrew. The concept, inspired by tiny houses, struck Julie years ago and she did some research to see whether it was doable or not. Here,…

5 easy sewing projects


Ever wanted to try your hand at sewing? Here are some very easy ideas you can start with. They’re useful, cute and good for those beginner’s hands. Remote control caddy – This is handy for those pesky remote controls that keeps getting swallowed by the couch. Also, it may be…

Tiny houses down under


The Tiny House movement has been quietly spreading around the country. Although they have different sizes, different layouts and made from different materials, they all have one thing in common – they are, well, tiny. Tiny Houses make use of every possible space in the house. They are practical and…

One jar of waste


Erin Rhoads from The Rogue Ginger has a famous jar. It is full of her waste – all two years worth of it. She doesn’t use the red bin that the rest of the country does because she doesn’t need to. Here, we talk to Erin about why she took…