yoga myths

10 yoga myths and why they aren’t true


Millions of реорlе аrоund the wоrld аrе doing yoga. And at the same tіmе, thеrе аrе millions of those whо wаnt to ѕtаrt, уеt ѕоmеthіng is keeping thеm frоm going tо their fіrѕt class. Yоgа іѕ fоr everyone, but a lot оf people still get discouraged frоm trying it оut…

raw food diet

Raw Food Diet Facts You Need to Know


Over time, the ugly truth about processed food has emerged, and people are realising a raw food diet can help them stay healthy and in shape. Although the number of raw food aficionados has been steadily growing, there are some misconceptions about this way of eating, and it’s important to…

A sober October


Did you know that in October, 80 young Australians will die through preventable causes – including suicide, road deaths and drug overdose? Australia’s largest non-government provider of health education to children in Australia, Life Education is urging more adults to sign-up to its annual fundraising campaign – Ocsober – and…

raise happy healthy kids

5 Easy Ways to raise happy healthy kids


Being a parent is absolutely amazing but it comes with a ton of responsibility. Caring for another human being who is still too young to understand life and the way it works is huge. It goes without saying that we want the best things for our kids, at every moment…