how to survive a crappy family holiday

How to survive a crappy family holiday


Are you envious of those picture perfect holiday Instagram posts of families on holiday? You wish your family were the same. You want your family to have that same happiness-frozen-on-Instagram moment. But what you don’t see in those family holiday Instagram shots are the hundreds of other imperfect shots filling…

what not to say to the parents of a disabled child

What not to say to the parents of a disabled child


Our daughter has special needs. Yes, special needs. She is no more special than your child but her needs will greatly out number your ‘normal’ child’s needs. You may choose to call her other words but for future reference, ‘special needs’ is the pick of the bunch, covering a broad…

multicultural children

Our multicultural children


My daughter will never have a childhood like mine. No games similar to mine, played in the middle of the street. No songs in my native tongue, sung with other kids. No riddles and rhymes passed on by my grandparents. She will not be dancing the same dances during school…

Christmas on a budget

Surviving Christmas on a budget


Christmas is just about here and for many people the mere mention of it makes them sweat. It can put a big strain on already stretched finances with so much spending concentrated into one part of the year. Some people are really organised and have already got a stash of presents…

A not so walk in the park


Yes, it’s not a walk in the park. We wheel it. We’re a wheelie family. What is a wheelie family? For us, we have a special needs, wheelchair-assisted, not quite bound, child.  We are not your average family but we are family. Life has been trying. From the moment we…