how to make a perfect pavlova

How to make a perfect pavlova


No cake book would be complete without a recipe for the perfect pavlova. However the much-loved Australian meringue cake has a reputation of being difficult to master, but as long as you have time and patience, your results will be great. And once you top your pavlova with fresh cream and…

easy mango panna cotta recipe

Easy Mango Panna Cotta recipe


I’ve always wanted to try making panna cotta, and found this super easy mango panna cotta recipe online. Combining mango and panna cotta is a great idea! Here is my super easy recipe and check out the video where I got it from. Easy mango panna cotta recipe Ingredients: For mango…

easy crepe recipe

Easy crepe recipe


Crepes are awesome paired with just about anything. You can fold fruits in them, or just plain honey or even something savoury. The possibilities are endless. Here is an easy crepe recipe to try at home. How you top your crepe is up to you! Ingredients: 1/2 cup butter 750 ml milk…

sweet cheesy brioche

Sweet cheesy brioche recipe


Sweet and cheesy bread is something of a weakness of mine. So I thought what if I placed that in a brioche? What would a sweet cheesy brioche be like? Delicious. My Sweet Cheesy Brioche Ingredients: 1 pack shredded cheese 130 ml milk 11 g dry yeast 3 egg yolks 2…

chocolate brioche recipe

Yummy chocolate brioche


Did someone say chocolate? And brioche? Together? Yes, this chocolate brioche recipe is a little decadent so make sure you make it when there are a lot of people around so you don’t eat it all yourself! Chocolate Brioche Recipe Ingredients: 1 jar of chocolate spread (Nutella or Coco Harvest)…

easy no sugar mango jelly

Easy no sugar mango jelly


Looking for a healthy dessert or snack for the little ones? Or even just for yourself! This great-for-the gut no sugar mango jelly is a great treat for the whole family. Very easy to make too! Ingredients: 1 cup mangoes (frozen or fresh) 1 cup organic milk (or cream) Rice…