food rules for a healthier you

5 food rules for a happier, healthier you


We love interviewing fabulous women. And in today’s Q&A we are chatting to two: Emma Ellice Flint and Jill Keyte, authors of The Happy Hormone Cookbook. Emma and Jill adopt a fabulously holistic approach to wellness. As well as eating right, they stress the importance of daily exercise, taking time out for yourself, and…

Working on your passion


I have a young adult fiction book coming out. Let’s just get that out of the way. But more than being just a publicity post, I am writing this for those who always had that niggling thing at the back of their heads – the thing they’ve always wanted to…

Decadent shakes

DIY Decadent Shakes


You should have seen my 4-year-old’s face when he first the photos from Decadent Shakes, a new hardcover recipe book with a fun and bubbly twist by Matthew, Sarah & Brendan Aouad. It was like all his dreams had come true in a monster milkshake. And look at them. Wow!! I…

Books we like: The zombie edition


For this month’s book selection we have a couple of good zombie books to choose from. For an Aussie take on the zombie apocalypse, you won’t be disappointed with Justin Woolley’s trilogy. Start with A Town Called Dust, then A City Called Smoke and A World of Ash (recently released)….

Supercharged Food for Kids review


Having a hard time giving your kids healthy meals they will like? Welcome to the club. Bestselling wellness author, Lee Holmes, has turned her attention to creating nutrition-packed meals for kids. Her book Supercharged Food for Kids is Lee’s mission to change the way children eat so we can build…

Books we like


Every month or so we are going to list books we’ve read that we couldn’t put down. For the last four years, I had started reading books that weren’t parenting related. I bought myself an ereader and it just went bananas after that. Two years ago, I read over 50…