Girl Lane review

Tween beauty: Girl Lane


Girl Lane is a funky new skin, body and haircare range designed for ‘tweens and teens. The range has been created by three very passionate mums who realised there were no options available for young girls gentle and effective enough to help protect and nurture their girls’ skin and hair. When I asked…

Hivita Luminous White review


I am a big skeptic when it comes to beauty products. I like to keep my beauty regime really simple because my skin has a tendency to flare up when I use products. So when I was asked to review the latest in skin care, the Hivita Luminous White age…

How to dress to impress


While active wear has become increasingly acceptable in almost any social situation there are unfortunately still a few occasions in life when your yoga pants just can’t cut it. When it’s time to pull out the big guns and dress to impress we are often left in a tearful, clothes…

Natura Siberica

Review: Natura Siberica


Once upon a time in my career-driven youth, I found myself working in Russia. In the middle of winter. It was so very exotic and foreign to me, and so exciting! My boyfriend of just a few months (now my husband) left everything behind in Australia to meet up with me in…