Sydney Comic Con: Villains and heroes come out to play

Entering the Oz Comic Con gates felt like home. I embraced the nerd inside and she was very happy.

We dropped the kiddy on a playdate and made Oz Comic Con our ‘date day’.

First stop was the panel for Supernatural with Jim Beaver, aka Bobby Singer. For those who love the show as much as I do, it was great hearing Jim talk about the boys, kissing Crowley and the pranks Misha fall into over and over again.

He also said ‘eejits’ and ‘balls’. Totally awesome.

I love Comic Con. It is hard to explain to non-nerds but there is something about entering this space of kindred spirits that just feels so comfortable.

Aside from the panels and the meet and greet, there is the amazing characters you find as you walk around. Cosplay people are so creative.

Image by Dark Age Photography.
Image by Dark Age Photography.
FYI, Mystique had to sit through six hours of body make up. And she’s only wearing one piece of undergarment.

Finally, the shopping. Yes, you can find all these things online, but there is nothing like going into a place where all the memorabilia and little knick-knacks are sold in one centre. A Tardis cookie jar, a Supernatural towel (I want to write where the boys’ faces will go but I shouldn’t), a Groot mug and LARPing swords.

But my best takeaway was a present from hubby, a start up kit for creating silicone make up effects so I can turn myself into a zombie this Halloween. I may have screamed like a little girl when he bought it.


All in all it was one hell of a fantastic date day.

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