Books we like: The supernatural edition

supernatural books

Who doesn’t like a supernatural read that transports you out of reality and into their world? It is escapism at its best. These supernatural books are really good at that.

supernatural booksThe Peculiar series by Ransom Riggs– Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, the first book in this series, is going to be a movie soon. Read the books before it begins because this trilogy is amazing. This young adult series is about a home full of children with the most interesting powers. You’re lucky all three books are already out and you don’t have to wait.

supernatural booksLexicon by Max Barry – Max Barry has written a lot of books but I first got on to him with Lexicon. The premise is so interesting – a school that teaches the gifted students to use the power of language to manipulate people’s minds. I don’t mean how politicians do it – although this skill could come in handy for them. The story runs from San Francisco to Broken Hill in Australia, and is a definite page turner.

supernatural booksThe Rook series by Daniel O’Malley – There are two books in this series so far and I am hoping Daniel O’Malley gets a chance to write a new one soon. Like very soon. This book is supernatural spy. Think 007 except James Bond is a woman and everyone in the agency has powers or a vampire – and not the Twilight kind. It starts with the main character, Myfanwy Thomas, waking up with her memory erased. She has to figure out why and how, and who she is before the people who tried to kill her finally finishes the job.

supernatural booksThe Astrologer’s Daughter by Rebecca Lim – This has elements of supernatural theme mixed with young adult and mystery. When Avicenna’s astrologer mother disappears, she has to figure out why. She reluctantly uses her skills of reading the stars to figure out what happened, and to help the clients that her mother left behind. This is a thrilling book and can get scary in some bits.

supervillains - supernatural booksSuperheroes Anonymous series by Lexie Dunne – This is the funniest superhero book I have ever read. I was cracking up in several places and could not stop reading. The world has a lot of superheroes and this series is about the girl who always gets kidnapped and used as pawn to get the superhero’s attention. I retold every chapter I read to my daughter (minus the grown up stuff) and she absolutely got hooked. I can’t wait for the third one.

What are your favourite supernatural books? We’d love to know!

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