Supercharged Food for Kids review

Having a hard time giving your kids healthy meals they will like? Welcome to the club.

Bestselling wellness author, Lee Holmes, has turned her attention to creating nutrition-packed meals for kids. Her book Supercharged Food for Kids is Lee’s mission to change the way children eat so we can build stronger, healthier and brighter kids. The aim is to help parents deliver the right nutrients needed to help kids sustain their energy levels, keep their mood up, concentrate and perform their best.

She believes in the 80/20 rule: try to give your kids healthy options 80 per cent of the time and you are doing well. The book also has tips on how to sneak wholefoods into everyday meals. Sneaky!

In the book, Lee has created healthy versions of family favourites, swapping an ingredient or two to make them more nutritious.

“You won’t find any low-fat foods here as manufacturers often compensate for the loss of fat with large amounts of sugar and additives. I use good fats which are an essential component of a child’s diet required for healthy development and brain function,” Lee said.

Lee’s book doesn’t only have recipes, it has educational bits about nutrition, your child’s nutrients needs, food allergies and intolerances, tips on removing sugar and additives in daily meals and strategies for healthy lunch boxes.

Reading the book gives you an idea just how sugar- and additive-packed the products are out there. It is an eye opener.

Going through her recipes gave me ideas on how to incorporate nutrients in my child’s diet everyday – my child who hates all types of vegetables and whose favoured meals can be counted with one hand.

For instance, instead of putting an apple in my daughter’s lunch box for her school’s ‘Crunch n Sip’ I put a delicious green smoothie in there instead. The smoothie is packed with spinach, carrots, apples, cucumber, watermelon and banana. The Superhero Chocolate Milk was also a good recipe. A choc milk without the additives and sugar and still tastes good.


What is your favourite health food swap or a sneaky way of adding healthy ingredients to your child’s meal?

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  • My sneaky way of adding vegies to meals is to grate carrot, zucchini and pumpkin into just about everything I can…..spag bog, meatballs and sausage rolls are my kids favourites and they never know hehehe

  • Pizza night is now home made with a hit of healthy. We use wraps as our base and add veggies from our garden, pumpkin, onion, tomato and capsicum, along with herbs and grated cheese.

  • My kids’ favourite meal has got to be spinach pie
    Spinach pie you ask- why oh why oh why?
    Although the filling is green, it doesn’t deter them, that’s for sure
    Because I pack it with super tasty fresh ingredients, they’re always asking for more!

  • Chia seeds in everything. We quite a bit of omega 3 but adding chia seeds to everything from cookies and milkshakes to lasagne and porridge i know theres just that little bit more good stuff in it.

  • We have switched from buying artificially sweetened yoghurt to eating natural or greek yoghurt, adding honey, berries (or other fruit), seeds and nuts for extra flavour!

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