Spring Allergies – What Can We Do About Them?

coping with spring allergies

Yes, we all love spring… what we don’t love though are swollen eyes, a sore throat, random sneezes and so many handkerchiefs we’ve lost count. Once the spring allergies kick in, that’s it – say goodbye to your anticipated spring joys and embrace the days of allergies dominance!

As most of you know, dealing with allergies is a real pain, especially since seasonal allergies tend to vary in intensity, making it hard for everyone to prepare for the (un)expected. However, there are a few things you can do to ease your allergies. If you are interested in learning about what may be a (semi) salvation to your allergy-condition, read below.

Coping with spring allergies

Use saline solution

You cannot expect to breathe easily if your nose is all clogged up, which is exactly what happens when you have hay fever. One of the best solutions to that problem is to use saline solution sprays. However, be careful about your saline dosage, because using it too much could cause serious problems.

Eat a teaspoon of honey

coping with spring allergies

Eating honey regularly can help ease the symptoms of spring allergies, since it works on the same principle as vaccines; you introduce a bit of pollen into your body, which prepares the body for fighting against it. On the bonus side, you also get a delicious treat, which works particularly well with young kids.

Spice up your diet

Whether you like spicy food or not, perhaps it is time to consider stepping up your cooking game with more spices. Be prepared for an entirely different set of tastes, but in the end, you will feel your sinuses clearing up. However, be careful not to get crazy with the doses or you may end up having a stomach reaction to this change (not to mention all the water chugging afterwards).

Upgrade your allergen filters

Even though you cannot secure an allergy-free zone outside, it is possible to create a micro-safe haven in your home. The best commercial air purifiers rely on using HEPA filters, since they are great for trapping even the most stubborn allergens, thus helping you breathe with ease. Remember to change the filters regularly because otherwise, they won’t help you much. Plus, if you’ve got kids – getting them into the habit of drinking HEPA filtered water will be not only beneficial for their overall health but also important when it comes to teaching them about proper prevention (of allergies) from the get-go.

Drink peppermint tea

coping with spring allergies

When you feel like you cannot take it anymore, make yourself a hot cup of peppermint tea. The steam can help you unclog your nose and the herbs will ease your reactions to the allergies. Added, enjoying a nice cup of tea from time to time can’t be all that bad, right? Try to drink it regularly and sooner or later, you will notice that your allergies are not as terrible as before, i.e. you should see a significant improvement.

Final thoughts

There are many ways to deal with spring allergies, for sure. However, not everyone is the same and we can all respond in a different way to particular treatments. This is why you should try out more than one option and see what works best for you. These tips will not cure your ailment forever but they sure will help reduce its effects. After a while, you will start feeling better, and then you will have a chance to enjoy spring as it should be enjoyed – out and about, alone or with your friends, without having to worry about sneezing, coughing, or forgetting your handkerchiefs.

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Spring Allergies – What Can We Do About Them?

Yes, we all love spring… what we don’t love though are swollen...
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