Sneaking Duck review and exclusive reader discount

sneaking duck review

What do parents need as we get older (that we sometimes don’t normally welcome)?

Eye glasses.

When we start squinting at books and computers, we realise we need some help from a good pair. But there are heaps out there that make us look even older that we should be. We need something hip, something sexy, something modern.

That’s where Sneaking Duck comes in. The company has been crafting their glasses since 2011 to showcase the creativity in all of their customers, inspired by their mantra “Be True To You”.

Just because we are experienced doesn’t mean we should look it. Sneaking Duck’s unique glasses are designed by their Sydney-based team then sent to their partner craftspeople to be hand-built and shipped directly to customers. By working directly with their partners and selling online they keep the quality up and prices down.

Shipping is free around the world. But what if it doesn’t suit me, you ask. Well they have a free ‘Try At Home’ service. They let you sample 5 pairs before you make a decision. When you finish trying them out, send them back using the return parcel included in the test pack.

sneaking duck review

When you order online, you can add the details of your eye glasses prescription given by your optometrist. By the way, it is free to get your eyes checked and you can get a copy of your prescription details to keep. It’s the law.

Once you pick the pair you love, just order online and voila all done!

For me, the free Try At Home service really helped because I have one of those weird faces. I don’t have a nose bridge high enough for most glasses. My face is wide and my eyes are small. It’s like someone gave a child Play Doh to form my facial features.

But I choose a wide enough mix of glasses from Sneaking Duck to cover the basics. I realised cat’s eye style doesn’t suit me. Too much angle isn’t for me either. I had a viewing public at home that helped me decide on the very stylish Mother of Turtle.

sneaking duck review

Sneaking Duck exclusive reader discount

For all of our lucky Her Collective readers, Sneakying Duck has set up a discount code for you guys. Just place the code below when you buy online:


Add the code to take $25 off your first purchase. Easy isn’t it? Also, check with your private health fund to see if there isn’t any gap for your pair.

Go get your sexy glasses now! They also have a great range of sunglasses too. Prepare to spend maybe an hour or so browsing, because there are so many cool styles to choose from. Happy shopping!


Disclosure: We got a free pair of Sneaking Duck glasses for the review.

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