Smile with Smiggle bling

Smiggle bling

Have you discovered Smiggle’s brand new jewellery range yet?  Yep, the crew that has transformed the world of stationery now has a fun and colourful range of Smiggle bling.

The Smile with Smiggle collection includes bracelets and earrings, necklaces, hair accessories and all kinds of sparkly bits and pieces that girls love. There are more than 150 pieces in the launch collection, all with that special bit of Smiggle fun and sparkle.

The new range is full of unicorns, rainbows, friendship, butterflies, kittens and love.

Some of our Smiggle bling faves:

The new collection offers some great options for birthday presents and stocking fillers, or just because.

An important thing to note is that much of the range is for girls six years and older. My guess is that the age recommendation is because there are lots of delicate pieces that younger kids (like my three-year-old) would probably trash. That said, my daughter LOVES her gold tiara headband. She wears it every day and it is super cute.

If your closest Smiggle store doesn’t have what you’re looking for, check out the Smile with Smiggle collection online.

** Our Smiggle giveaway has now closed – congratulations to Jane **

Thanks to the lovely team at Smiggle, we have a super special Smile with Smiggle bling pack to giveaway to one of our readers. For your chance to win everything in the image below, just leave a comment telling us what you do to put some sparkle in your day.

Smiggle bling

Competition closes midnight 24 November 2017 AEST. Australian residents only Please see full terms and conditions. Good luck!

This is not a sponsored post, but we did receive some Smile with Smiggle bling to review.

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  • Sitting outside pre-school waiting for my girl to finish I did a bit of a garden tidy… then I fixed all the school sprinklers… then I couldn’t help myself I dug plants from my own garden and planted them round the school. They should have masses of colour when they all flower just in time for their Christmas show. The maintenance man said thankyou he doesn’t enjoy gardening and was pretty pleased with the help.

  • It’s colourful and confidence building,
    It peps me up on a cloudy day,
    Sometime it attracts a cheeky kiss to come my way 😉
    Applying a little lipstick adds sparkle to my day! 👄

  • S-pending time with family
    P-laying with the kids
    A-locating time with a book, manicurist or pedicurist
    R-etail therapy
    K-issing my one true love
    L-ists and ticking them off gives me a thrill
    E-ndless supply of coffee.

  • She highlights my smiles
    Erases the hard miles
    Colour changes my life
    Giggles away any strife
    Glitters my water
    My very own daughter

  • S_parkling up my day means playing with the children,
    M_ay involve craft glitter, glue or sparkly pen!
    I_ love to party in the garden like a fairy girl,
    G_iggling with my princesses with a dancing twirl.
    G_ames and fun are wondrous things to do,
    L_etting sunshine and happiness sparkle through.
    E_asy to sparkle in a flower garden in the morning dew.

  • Easily. Mother in law bought my daughter some sparkly metallic glitter pens, and I’m finding little notes, messages and pictures from her everywhere. She sneaks them into my work lunches, posts them into my shoes so I find them before work, sometimes in the car, and the funniest spot so far, rolled into the toilet paper so it would fall out for me hahaha, it was really sweet though a big heart with I love you Dad written in it.

  • I don’t take myself or life to seriously, always up for a joke (& even a prank) to see the sparkle in someone else’s eyes & genuinely warm smile and laughter on their lips, really does add sparkle to my life on so many levels.

  • Make some silly cupcakes with lots of sprinkles and colour always adds some sparkle to mine and my girls day.

  • I have no sparkle until I have my cup of tea, then look out I am ready to face the day and what it brings. There is always an extra bit of sparkle when my grand kids call in, and sometimes there is literally sparkle (glitter) everywhere.

  • Just riding our bikes around the park gives me sparkle, because our youngest has just recently starting riding without his training wheels… woo hoo!

  • What gives me sparkle are just the little things… the laugh of my kids when my wife sits on a whoopee cushion they put there, the sound of the kookaburra in our back yard, the smell of jasmine as we walk through the streets in the spring sunshine. Life is good. 🙂

  • If I am ever having a bad day, music is my cure I put some on and dance with the kids and at the moment my troubles seem far away.

  • Taking a little time out for me puts a spring in my step & adds a little sparkle to my day. As a mother, it is natural instinct to take care of everyone else, often forgetting to take care of oneself. Whether it be going for a walk, having a little kip or flicking through a magazine, it’s important to have a little “me” time, so that I can be the best I can be in order to take care of the ones I love.

  • I find starting the day with an early morning and getting all the boring chores out of the way leaves me with the rest of the day to spoil myself with a”sparkle” or two under my favourite big tree in the back yard while reading a great book

  • Apart from always wearing some Smiggle to brighten me up, I brighten up a stranger’s day by giving them a big smile.

  • A cup of coffee, an early morning workout and a delicious nutritious breakfast puts a smile on my face and a spring to my step.

  • I talk to my youngest daughter…
    She was an “oops” baby, came along at the absolute wrong time (right time?) And as my dad describes her-She’s the baby i didnt know i needed.
    She is just a little gem that gives many sparkles in my life 🙂

  • Helping my two girls (6 & 8) care for our two backyard chickens makes me smile; the happiness they show at being independent with their pets is heart warming. And in return, the patience the hens show my girls is egg-cellent!

  • My husband said my life sparkle because of Love. But what does he know? I’d say Smile with Smiggle bling will make it certain! 😉

  • I’ll tell someone I love them, compliment someone on their work or how they look, smile at strangers and generally always be on the lookout for opportunities to pass happiness on. This makes me happy inside, as well as the other person.
    Most definitely puts the sparkle in my day/life

  • I put sparkle in my day by chatting to my friends, giving my kids cuddles and singing along to the radio in the car with my kids 🙂

  • I write on my daughters’ lunch bags each day. Sometimes a note, sometimes a picture. I love that at lunch time I know they are opening their bags and smiling. As nice as that is, it’s the notes that they make me at school ( in afternoon free choice ) and leave on my pillow that makes me sparkle. I have the biggest collection next to my bed! 🙂

  • I do kind things to strangers, whether it be help them carry their bags or give them a compliment or [pay for their coffee. That makes me SPARKLE 🙂

  • To put sparkle in my day I hang out with my cats for an hour or two. They always brighten up my day 🙂

  • I try to make people’s day. As a nurse, sometimes it’s easy, other times it’s not, but adding some sparkle is always rewarding!

  • Stir the kids up
    to make them laugh
    that’s all the sparkle I need.
    For their happines shines
    above the rest
    and that’s all a mum needs

  • Bring 3 week old bub home today after a week in ICU is all the sparkle I need! Miss 3 is very sprakily excited to see him home too.

  • Love the hour I spend mentoring a young girl at a local primary school every week- she gets very excited to see me.

  • My children put a sparkle in my day and get me through, it would be great to give a sparkle back to them.

  • Sparkle in my day
    Is something that’s hard to say!
    For me it’s about my lips
    And what goes to the hips!
    Helping others is a must
    Which helps sprinkle magic dust!!!!!

  • I love to make my kids fairy bread for when they get home from school they love a little sparkle in their life as well as on the sandwich

  • I am always grateful of all I have in life,
    Making me a loving wife!
    A sparkling smile is what I wear,
    Not worrying if others stare.

  • Shimmer and shine
    My princess is queen
    She loves to dance
    And play and sing
    She would love
    Some pretty bling

  • I have a gorgeous gold and glittery pen from Swarovski my boss gave me when I left my last job. I use it every day to bring a bit of bling my way!

  • Play with my 3 year old daughter who just oozes sparkle, whenever shes in the room, everyone knows about it.

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