My SMH half marathon recap. Finally!

My half marathon recap

It’s been exactly a month since I ran my first half marathon!!! That went quick!!! I have the actual certificate to prove the I ran it. Behold!

SMH half marathon certificate-1

I have photographic and videographic proofs too!

SMH half marathon commemorative photo

That’s the Hubster who patiently paced me throughout the whole ordeal thing. He’s a good guy that one. Think I might keep him. Although, as we were approaching the finish line I was ready to punch him as he kept saying “C’mon lovey, we’re almost there! Can you see the arch?” And I was all like, where the eff is that effing arch???

Here’s my vid. Watch out for the 1.11 mark. I may or may not have silently said “Thank you, Jesus.” And my moves, I call this my “Floundering Penguin” look. It’s all the rage now. My husband got a mention before crossing the finish line, I don’t even remember hearing the mic dude saying his name!

Oh, I’d like to say thanks heaps to the lovely Sarah of Climbfit Sydney for introducing me to the team at Lululemon Chatswood Chase (hi Grace!) who provided my awesome running gear during the race. I LOVE my tights! It’s super soft and feels like next to nothing against my skin! And the racerback top… three words anti-stink tank. I just love how it hugs my mummy tummy. Not too tight and not too loose. Just perfect. They also gave me a 1/2 zip jacket. Just perfect for when you feel all cold and delirious afterwards because you just ran 21.1 freaking kilometres and need to recover by inhaling some choc chip muffin!

Now let’s talk about the race, shall we?

The alarm was set at 4.30AM but I got up at 4.00AM. I was too excited and had to eat my special fried rice! Carb loading is the name of the game. We had to be at the train station by 5.30AM. (My eyes are obviously not used to the 5.30AM sunlight or lack thereof).

Gilbert and Brenda at the train station

The race started at 6.45AM. My husband is part of the Sydney Striders social media team so we had to be there a little bit earlier. He had to take and share photos for FB, Twitter and Instagram purposes. This was the pre-race group photo. Spot the newbie!

Sydney striders photo 1
Image courtesy of Craig Thom

The Striders were the official pacers for the event. They’re a good bunch so if you’re based in Sydney and are looking for the friendliest running group around, join up or try their 7AM group, it’s free for everyone. You might even see me as I am training for my full marathon!!! (Yeah I know!!!)

So race time. Here we go!

The first 5kms were a breeze. It was the easiest 5k I’ve ever run. My husband said it was the adrenalin pumping. But I was killing it, baby!

The 10k mark was all about going to the toilet. I shall not elaborate on the details because I am a proper lady like that. It was at this point where I had to drink tailwind aka husband’s weapon of choice in making sure he doesn’t bonk out or go all hungry hungry hippo. It’s a total endurance fuel. All you need. All day. Really!! (their words not mine. But you gotta admit it’s a catchy one!)

The 15k mark was all – this is getting ridiculous. Why are there so many hills??? Where is the finish line??? Tell me where is that damn finish line???!!! And hubby was like… It’s just one Bay Run, think about the Bay Run. The Bay Run is our home turf. It’s where I do all my training runs. It’s approximately 7kms to complete the full loop. Think about the Bay Run, Brenda! You can do this!!!

18k mark. LAST 3KM!!! Oh wait I need to go to the toilet again. Just a wee pee stop this time. Thank God for the long queue. That means more resting time for me!

20 km. LAST FKIN KILOMETRE!!! Hallelujahs!!!

500 metres to the finish line. Hubby – Lovey, c’mon you can do this. Can you see the arch? The arch is just there. Can you see it??? Me – Where is the fkin arch???

And before you know it, I was done!!! 21.1 kilometres done!!!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about running a half marathon, it is this:

It’s like birthing little humans. You swear to yourself that you’ll never do it again. Because it hurts A LOT and it is EXHAUSTING. Then you see your bubba for the very first time and it makes the pain ALL worth it.

So to you my dearest first ever full marathon medal, Mama’s coming to get you!

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