Send the kids back to school in style with our Smiggle giveaway!

Smiggle giveaway

My kids love Smiggle. It’s almost impossible for me to get out of the store alive, but Smiggle is a definite go-to for funky birthday presents and their range of colourful essentials makes heading back to school that much cooler.

From scented pens to colourful calculators, light-up sharpeners and crazy backpacks, pencil cases, water bottles and bag tags, Smiggle has everything covered.

I like how you can pick a theme and there is a whole range of goodies, gadgets and gizmos match, or you can mix it up as you like.

The product range is enormous. And everything is designed to inspire and develop creativity with original, fun and affordable stationery, accessories, gadgets and more, all in bright fun colours.

Go Green with Smiggle giveaway!

Smiggle giveaway

Thanks to the crew over at Smiggle, we have a fun Go Green with Smiggle back-to-school pack up for grabs. The pack is valued at $84.90 and includes:-

  • Smiggle Backpack Bag
  • Character Wallet
  • Lined Exercise Notebooks

For your chance to win just leave a comment below telling us what you love most about back to school. 

Australian residents only. Competition ends January 25, 2018. Please see full terms and conditions.

Thanks to Smiggle for providing our giveaway pack!

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Send the kids back to school in style with our Smiggle giveaway!

My kids love Smiggle. It's almost impossible for me to get out...
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  • As a kid I always loved seeing my old friends and making new friend when we returned to school. Hearing and sharing what everyone got up to on their holidays was so exciting.
    As mum, I love seeing my children excited as they run through the school gates on the first day. I remember those days ☺

  • I love seeing my son at school as he grows and changes so much. He is really looking forward to going back and spending time with his friends. I am also looking forward to my mummy time.

  • I don’t have children but love seeing happy children having a play in the school yard. It brings back memories for me ❤️

  • Watching the buzz of excitement in the children’s eyes at meeting new friends, a new teacher and the endless possibilities available to them in terms of what they will learn that year.

  • The look of excitement and anticipation in all the children’s eyes as they eagerly await of what the year has in store for them.

  • I love the feeling of a fresh start, regardless of what went on last year. A new year, a new start and a chance to push yourself forward.

  • I used to get so bored at home and eagerly anticipated returning to school in my primary school years. Loved to see my friends. High school? Well, not so much!

  • (S)chool time comes back,
    (M)ore time to enhance the knowledge we lack.
    (I)nstall a routine in our lives,
    (G)ives more time to focus on what we love & deep dive.
    (G)reat to have school back on,
    (L)ove the new friends & the fun,
    (E)veryone share their holiday stories by the ton.

  • It has to be Monday morning school assembly.
    Seeing all the kids gather and giggle,
    Hearing the latest school news,
    The kids performances and weekly awards,
    As well as the chance to catch up with other parents,
    Is something I Iook forward to each week.

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