Reclaim your X-factor and be your most fabulous you

reclaim your x factor

Have you lost your x-factor? Do you spend most of your time in your trackies? When was the last time you put on make-up, styled your hair and slipped on some high heels? When was the last time you bought new clothes? When was the last time you put yourself before your family?

As a busy mum you spend so much time looking after your children you often forget to look after yourself.

The kids get regular hair cuts, have fresh uniforms for school, their hair brushed and more often than not get at least a couple of new clothes items each season to top up their wardrobe. You on the other hand, probably struggle to get dressed in matching clothes in the morning and you probably still wear your old maternity bra.

As you read this, take a quick look at yourself:

  • Have you brushed your hair today or just popped it into a ponytail?
  • Have your trackies got a hole in them?
  • Are you wearing sneakers?
  • Did you shower today or run out of time getting everyone else ready?
  • Are you wearing any make-up?
  • Can you remember the last time you bought something for yourself?

If you identify with the above then it’s likely you’ve lost your x-factor.

It’s time you found it again, that certain something that makes you, you.

If you are a SAHM you probably suffer from “spending-money guilt” which means you loathe spending money on yourself, as you are not earning any of “your own money”.

First off, you are earning money. And you are worth it.

You are raising children and most probably cleaning and cooking and maybe even doing the household accounting. See right there, you are saving on childcare, cleaners and an accountant. A little treat won’t hurt. And anyway, you do not need to spend a fortune to find your x-factor. Simply buying a new lipstick or a new outfit will help. When you were working you probably got regular haircuts and wore high heels. You probably wouldn’t have dreamed of leaving the house in your Uggies. Now that you’re not working doesn’t mean you can’t sometimes slip into something a little glam!

If you are a working mum I wonder if you are still wearing the same suits you’ve had for years, or have you allowed yourself a new one? Do you still wear makeup or are you struggling for time to keep up with the kid-free women in your office? A haircut, a flick of mascara, some lipstick and a bit of blush is sometimes all it takes to feel more professional. And perhaps a few new accessories to brighten up your black suit will make you feel more vibrant.

Finding your x-factor may seem a bit daunting at first, particularly if you are struggling to work out who you are since having children. You may feel overcome with daily life. You may feel like you’ve lost a bit of yourself.

Make a pact with yourself. Today is the day. Today you will make some time for you, even if it’s once the kids go to sleep.

Have a bath. Shave your legs. Make a hair appointment or buy a new hair tint. Go through your wardrobe and pick out something that makes you feel special. Book a babysitter and make a date with your partner. Or call a girlfriend and arrange dinner and a movie. Give yourself a reason to dress up. Give yourself a reason to find your mojo again. Treat yourself.

And maybe next time when you get your kids clothes ready for school, get yours ready, too.

  • Instead of trackies, try a pair of jeans.
  • Instead of trainers, perhaps slip on your boots.
  • Maybe a bright scarf or a pair of earrings you haven’t worn for ages.
  • Pop on some lip-gloss before leaving the house.
  • Spend five minutes pampering yourself.

You will feel better. Everyday try and spend a few minutes doing something just for you.

  • Paint your toenails.
  • Throw out your old underwear.
  • Get rid of your daggy trackies.
  • Give yourself a face-mask or pluck your eyebrows.
  • Do some stretches or go for a walk.
  • Pour yourself a glass of wine and have a bath.

Simple things everyday will help you find a little of yourself; boost your confidence. Your children will notice you sparkle. Your partner will notice you sparkle. You will feel lighter when you walk. And then before you know it you would’ve rediscovered your x-factor.

Have you lost your x-factor?

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