5 Easy Ways to raise happy healthy kids

raise happy healthy kids

Being a parent is absolutely amazing but it comes with a ton of responsibility. Caring for another human being who is still too young to understand life and the way it works is huge.

It goes without saying that we want the best things for our kids, at every moment of their lives. One of the key aspects in that respect is giving our best to make sure we raise happy, healthy kids.

We’ve put together a list of helpful tips to help optimise the health and wellbeing of your children.

Wellness, the natural way

Even though a high-quality medical care is available 24/7 for our little ones, we should try to create a healthy environment for your child and strengthen their immune system. The first step is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Here are just some of the staple elements of every child’s healthy upbringing:

  • Serve regular, healthy meals
  • Encourage kids to drink a lot of fluids
  • Make sure your children spend quality time both inside and outside
  • Focus on family time: Spending time with their siblings and parents, socialising and doing fun activities

Just let them be

Most parents make a mistake of forcing their kids from an early age to get engaged in team sports or other team activities structured around schedules, practices and demanding obligations. They tend to overwhelm them with unrealistic expectations that, in the long run, prove wrong or counter-productive. While you may be coming from a good place, don’t force team activities on them and just let them be. Do recognise your child’s talents and nurture them in a healthy way.

Let your child play in the park with the other kids, and observe the way they behave. Encourage them to stay energetic and fall in love with exercising by running around with them, playing hide and seek, football, dodge ball, or any other sport your child likes. A child’s health comes with healthy, unforced dynamics. Too many responsibilities at an early age may be suffocating.

Don’t be afraid of bacteria

Your child’s nutrient absorption and healthy digestion come as a result of the good bacteria living in human intestinal tracts. As we age, these groups of bacteria tend to change and adapt to every single body differently, which may potentially cause health issues for some of us. Most commonly, kids tend to struggle with tummy ailments; young digestive systems are not well formed, causing upset tummies and digestion problems. To prevent that from happening, give your child probiotics to encourage good bacteria in their bodies. Also, let them play outside, run, jump around and just be active. Encourage them to drink a lot of water, too. With probiotics and regular outdoor activities, tummy issues and constipation should quickly become a thing of the past.

A healthy diet

A piece of cake from time to time is allowed, for sure, but an entire cake on regular basis is a big no-no. To help your child’s immune system develop, give them healthy, homemade food that will soothe their digestive tract, encourage healthy physical development and instil habits of a healthy lifestyle. Encourage your child to drink a lot of fluids and water, but not any water. While tap water may work for a while, it is known that it tends to be harmful for the stomach, especially in kids. Make sure your house has a UV home water treatment to ensure that you and your child are drinking high-quality water.

Family cuddle time!

A healthy child is a happy child; no matter how physically healthy, unless they’ve got your emotional support, they won’t grow into self-confident, cheerful individuals. That being said, show emotional support to your child in every aspect of their lives. Encourage their emotional development by inviting them into your family bed in the mornings so all three of you can cuddle and snuggle. Talk to them about things that make them upset, show appreciation for their good behaviour, and understand them if they are hurting (whatever may be the reason). A child feels everything, so approach building their emotional health genuinely.

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5 Easy Ways to raise happy healthy kids

Being a parent is absolutely amazing but it comes with a ton...
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