Pure Planet toilet paper review: Is it good for your tush too?

Pure planet toilet paper
Image from Pure Planet.

I found the ad for Pure Planet toilet paper online and thought what an interesting concept. Toilet paper that’s 100% tree-free. We all know that when we have kids suddenly toilet paper disappears in a couple of days (what do they do with it?!!).

Given what’s happening to the environment, it would suit everyone to play a small part for the world. Even a small change to our daily lifestyle goes a long way. So having Pure Planet as toilet paper suits that little change.

Pure Planet is a 100% Australian-owned company who have been working extremely hard over the last year to develop a new and unique range of three ply tissue products starting with the most used one – the toilet paper.

“We weren’t satisfied with the sustainability and quality of the average recycled toilet paper in Australia, which is why we’ve been pushing the boundaries of innovation to create a tissue that actually makes a difference, one roll at a time.”

Pure Planet toilet paper is 100% tree-free rolls of three ply toilet paper made from 100% renewable and recycled bamboo and sugarcane waste. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and can even produce (35%) more oxygen than trees.

“Unlike trees that take years to grow, both bamboo and sugarcane are incredible sustainable and fast-growing. In fact, bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. Biodegradable and septic safe, the environmental benefits are evident on every level – from production through to disposal!”

The company delivers the toilet paper straight to your door, all over Australia. You can also schedule it so that it comes to your door every couple of weeks, depending on how fast you use up your toilet paper. It is convenient and eco-friendly.

The biggest question: is it durable and soft enough for your tush though?

Yes it is. My family’s very sensitive bottoms can attest to that. Also, there is no plastic wrapping. Everything is recyclable – the box that it comes in and the wrapping paper for the toilet paper.

Worth trying out for your family!


Disclosure: Not a sponsored post. We just really dig it.

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  • Thanks for sharing! I recently switched over to Who Gives A Crap for our toilet paper, which is something similar.

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