The pressure to be the perfect mum

Do you feel like you need to be the perfect mum? You are not alone. We are all going through it.

According to a latest research, eight in 10 mums feel the pressure to be the perfect parent. This is up from 67 per cent a generation ago. That’s a big jump.

Although dads are playing an active role in raising children these days, giving mums some reprieve, the pressure is still there. Yes, we do have all the information at our fingertips from online and mothers groups, but we still can’t shake that feeling off.

High on top of these concerns is food. What mums are feeding their kids is the key area where they feel under intense scrutiny. Is it organic? Is it home made? Is it low sugar, low fat, low calorie? Is it grown from the farm purified by the souls of saints? It can be overwhelming.

“I see an overwhelming number of parents who are concerned about their child’s nutritional health, with modern fads and contradicting information online – it’s a minefield for mums to wade through and it can be a challenge to make the most nutritional decisions for your child. Many things have changed over the generations when it comes to raising children but the fundamentals of good nutrition and a balanced diet being the best start for toddlers is still true,” said practicing dietitian, Kate Di Prima.

Funnily enough, the survey says that in the past, feeding children was less scrutinised. Instead, it was the simple things that mums used to feel like they were judged on like their kids’ behaviour in public.

These days we face comments from everyone who care to tell us their point of view. Are they playing outside enough? How long have they been watching TV? Are they on the mobile devices too much? Are you reading to them at night?

These are questions that add even more pressure to being a mother. The study says there have been many changes over the years. Nowadays, parents have busier schedules and children have busier routines too. Ballet, football, karate, recitals, swimming, piano lessons, just to name a few. Parent and child time has been impacted by the busy schedule that even bedtime story telling has dropped off the daily schedule.

What’s the point of it all then? Well, the study is making us feel better that we are not alone in this pressure to become the perfect parent. What you do about it is up to you.

Just remember: there’s no way you can be a perfect parent, but there’s hundreds of ways you can be a good one.

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