Practical things to do for an eco-friendly home

Being eco-friendly starts with us, not the kids. While schools have programs that focus on the environment, these things can be easily negated if we, as parents, don’t continue it at home.

So in our home, we try to do little things that we can sustain. We didn’t grow up thinking much about the environment. But the next generation has to.

Don’t litter – It comes back to the most basic of things. If you have rubbish, don’t just throw it anywhere. Simple right? Sure, but so many people conveniently forget it. This is a universal problem but it is more apparent in some places than others.

Recycle – Know which ones are recyclable and which ones aren’t. Take off plastic cover for stuff like magazines because if you just put it in the recycling with the plastic, it will end up in the rubbish. For more tips, check out Get It Right on Bin Night. Also check out the list of recyclable things.

Conserve water – I have always been aware about the scarcity of water. I remember my days as a kid in the Philippines hauling buckets to the local water pump because the water district failed to do its part again. But here, people easily forget how precious water is. It comes out of the tap. It always does. They never think that one day nothing would come out. I remind my daughter all the time. Water is precious. Little things like turning the tap off while brushing teeth helps.

Eat leftoversAustralians throw out $10 billion worth of edible food each year. Shocked? So am I. Imagine the wasted money, the wasted food and the carbon emissions that rotting food causes. In order to lessen food waste as much as possible, we eat leftover dinners for lunch. Hubby takes leftover dinner to work too. Every week, I have one night when dinner is whatever leftovers are left in the fridge (saves me from cooking too).

Hang the laundry – Sometimes we tend to rely on dryers. I am grateful for my childhood, learning about hanging the washing up on the line instead of using the dryer (because we couldn’t afford a dryer). The simple act of hanging the washing on the line saves a lot of energy. My daughter loves hanging the clothes up. She uses a chair to reach the clothesline and helps me with the laundry.

Use reusable grocery bags – We’ve kicked out plastic bags during groceries for a long time now. We have a stash of reusable bags that we leave in the car. I have a folded one in my bag in case I need to buy something quickly. There are 160,000 plastic bags used globally every second. Imagine that. You can start with one reusable bag and go from there.

Start small. Those little measures will go a long way to help the future of this planet.

What’s your favourite tip for living an eco-friendly life?

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