10 best places to hide Christmas presents from the kids

hide Christmas presents

As my kids get older, they’re getting much harder to hide Christmas presents from. They know they must be somewhere, and that fact drives them crazy.

I’ve been keeping this year’s stash of presents at work, far away from snooping children, but as Christmas approaches it’s time to start thinking about where to hide them at home so the kids won’t find them.

And just as important is finding hiding places that you’ll remember!

Here’s our top 10 places to hide Christmas presents

  1. Inside your now empty Christmas tree box.
  2. Locked in empty suitcases, stashed away.
  3. In the boot of the car, covered with a blanket.
  4. Sealed in garbage bags in the garage.
  5. At a friendly neighbour’s place.
  6. In plain sight: pack them in your child’s own room – on top of their wardrobe, or in storage under their bed.
  7. Keep them hidden in the laundry – the one place my kids never go!
  8. Ask a relative to mind them until Christmas Eve.
  9. Open the man hole and keep them hidden in the roof.
  10. Hide them in your own wardrobe or better yet, your undies drawer – no kids’ land!

As much as kids want to find their presents, it’s far better for them to remain hidden to keep the magic and excitement of Christmas alive for as long as possible.

Do you have any clever places to hide presents at your place?

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