Superhero PJ Masks Toys

PJ Masks toys

Have you heard of Catboy, Owlette and Gekko? Chances are your kids have. They’re the stars of the CGI-animated superhero series PJ Masks which is becoming very popular amongst the preschooler set.

PJ Masks follows the adventures of three six-year-olds Connor, Amaya and Greg. Normal kids by day, they transform into their superhero alter egos at night and fight crime as the superhero team PJ Masks.

The TV series has been on air on Disney Junior since April 2016, and it is one of the shows guaranteed to stop my three and five-year-old in their tracks: PJ Masks toysIt’s cute and colourful with lots of action to keep them transfixed. Plus there are some cool villains in the mix (we love Night Ninja and Luna Girl).

My three-year-old daughter loves Owlette because “she has wings and can fly”, while my five-year-old son prefers Gekko because he is strong and can climb up walls. Since Ms R’s Owlette mini figure arrived she hasn’t let her out of her grasp!

There is a new PJ Masks Toy line now available at The range includes dress-ups that allow young fans to “transform” into their favourite character, as well as figurines, vehicles and plush toys for kids to play out their own series-inspired adventures.

PJ Masks toys


PJ Masks toys

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  • The ability to be in two places at once so i can do multiple jobs super fast so I can get some me time

  • I wish I could ZAP my littlies bottoms so they instantly have clean nappies! No more gross nappy change time struggles for me!

  • I so wish i could control time……. give me more when i have babies asleep on my lap and less when I’m waiting holidays to arrive!

  • I wish I could snap my fingers and do a spring clean- getting all those corners and crevices that gather awful dirt but aren’t covered by regular vacuuming and dusting.

  • I would love to be invisible at times so I can get my chores done quickly with no interruptions!

  • I’d love to be able to morph into different mediums, see a scene on tv and walk through an be a part of that world for a little while, see a picture in a book or google an image and slip into that scene. Just taking a time out or simply seeking an adventure would be the norm for me.

  • I wish I had the super power to talk to animals. I’d love to know what they are thinking. Especially my dog when he’s chewing up my stuff

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    My super power would definitely be a
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  • Totally shapeshifting!! To fly as an eagle or to run and leap like a cat or just wallow in some mud. Yum.

  • Our family wishes for the superpower ‘Creating Happiness’; one of a kind
    Where each day is enriched with smiles, fun and laughter – inspirationally entwined!

  • The ability to fly so I can get places without relying on public transport – that includes overseas trips too!

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