Picpal, real-time chatting with photos

Picpal is the world’s first photo collage chat app. With this one, a selfie isn’t just a selfie anymore.

Picpal is the first app of its kind to bring people together through in-the-moment selfie collages – wherever you are in the world, and whatever you are doing — making social media sharing all about us, rather than me. It’s an improved version of the hashtag “what I’m doing now” (aka #widn).

Taking the visual excitement of Instagram, and combining it with the instant connections of Snapchat, Picpal is easy to use:

  1. Download the Picpal app free from the App store
  2. Invite up to three Picpal friends
  3. Take your photo – while they take theirs
  4. Watch your real-time moments become a Picpal collage. Share and comment
  5. Update your selfies whenever you want – it’s as simple as that!

You need to use your Facebook login to sign up. You can’t access your photo library for this, which means you need to take fresh photos – which makes sense given this is for sharing ‘real-time’ events.

Have you had moments when you need some fashion advice from those you trust the most? Send a selfie through Picpal, and friends can offer real time feedback.

Simply open the app, choose the friends you want to connect with and take a selfie. Picpal will the send a request to your friends, and then combine all photos into a collage, which can be shared and commented on.

Regardless of the distance, up to four friends can share moments and take social media interactions to a whole new level. Picpal can also be customised by adding unique filters or text.

Check out their site for further details.

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