Peppa Pig Movie Review

If your little ones are anything like mine, they would LOVE everything Peppa Pig and promise to be your best friend forever if you took them to see the new Peppa Pig movie.

I took my 3yo daughter and 5yo son to see “Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience” over the weekend and it kept them happily in their seats for the full 73 minute duration, with my daughter up and dancing for the end credits.

peppa pig giveawayThe movie links together nine all -new Peppa Pig episodes including episodes which see Peppa and her family visit Australia for the first time.

The world’s most beloved preschool star and family  stay with ‘Kylie Kangaroo’ and go on all sorts of Aussie adventures like having a BBQ in the Outback, going surfing and exploring the Great Barrier Reef by submarine.

It’s cute and cheerful and sure to delight the little ones. Its a bit harder on parents though… I rarely sit and watch nine episodes of Peppa Pig in a row. I rarely sit and watch a full episode – the kids are so transfixed when its on at home that its my time to get stuff done.

To commemorate the film’s release, a special limited edition range of ‘Peppa’s Australian Holiday’ themed merchandise has been launched in Big W stores nationally.

 The includes special Australian Peppa items including Peppa’s Surfing Campervan, Daddy Pig’s Speed Boat, Peppa and George Figurines, books and themed partyware.

Peppa Pig giveaway

My kids have been having fun going on road-trips and surfing safaris around our lounge room with Peppa Pig & Co. Very cute!

**Peppa Pig Giveaway – CLOSED**

Our Peppa Pig giveaway to celebrate the launch of the movie has now closed. Congratulations to Kirsty on winning an awesome Peppa Pig merchandise pack valued at $100 full of fun Peppa Pig goodies including:

  • Peppa Campervan
  • Daddy Pig Speed Boat
  • Peppa & George Figurines
  • Storybook
  • Peppa Party Pack

Competition closed 13th April, 2017. Please see full terms and conditions.

Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience – Peppa’s Australian Holiday launched in cinemas on March 16th 2017. I received complimentary tickets and toys for review purposes and all opinions are all mine and my kids.

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  • I explain to the kids beforehand about the importance of not disturbing others around us so they too can enjoy the experience and they understand and are usually so engrossed in the movie on the big screen anyway.

  • We pick up a cushion as we walk in. This gives the kids extra high so they can be comfy and see the big screen. I also take with us cardigans as the cinema can turn quite chilly. We need to be comfortable – add plenty of munchies and we’re set for a great time.

  • I don’t take kids but I do take young adults with disabilities like Autism to the movies quite often. Snacks, fidget toys, yes even an ipad on silent to use in the hallway if they need a brief escape. Two hours is too long for me some days, I don’t know how they do it!!!

  • We try to take an adult per kid (usually poor grandma!), and play musical laps as required 🙂
    They are definitely improving though.

  • My eldest (5) is being tested for ADHD and Aspergers / HF Autism and she’s only been to the movies 3 times. The only thing to keep her contained is snacks or cuddles (in any tense parts). Or Peppa Pig. It’s the only show that can hold her attention for hours. She has never been “into” anything except Peppa – she had her first birthday party with friends last year and was so proud to share her love of Peppa at her themed party.

  • We are so excited that Peppa Pig is coming to Australia!
    An evening at the Drive In movies is a great way to keep my little ones contained. My kids love to pack their choice in snacks to nibble. Being in the car we can chat freely without annoying any other movie goers. We have seen some very entertaining movies at the Drive Ins and made some wonderful family memories.

  • Food. Food. Food. ???? My smallest and dearest can be taken anywhere peacefully as long as there is food. I think he takes after me!

  • we will take a small non noisy toy,just in case the movie doesnt grab them, but most animated movies are a hit

  • We haven’t taken Miss Two to the movies yet. But my other two are quite happy with a Junior Combo and as long as I sit between them they are all good.

  • Popcorn! It works with my 3 year old and 2 year old alike. Anytime they become figity or distracted they have their beloved large popcorn sitting in their laps demanding attention!

  • I know this seems like the complete OPPOSITE of what to do but we pretend it’s a Movie PAR-TAY…and it works! We never go to movies much as it’s an ultimate outing that can’t be beat with Party clothes and Party Boxes with healthy treats! p.s.I even get best behaviour as soon as I just mention a Movie Party 🙂

  • My babies ADORE popcorn. I make it at home for movie night and there is not a peep out of them… or me!!

  • Maybe I have it easy, but because we hardly ever get to see movies my kids are so enthralled I don’t need to do anything to contain them!

  • I make bags of popcorn for us to eat at the movies… food is always bound to contain my kids and keep them seated!

  • I’m just going to be honest here. Shameless bribery. Popcorn and a sweet drink with the threat of no more if they don’t behave. Failing all else, sitting in my lap and cuddles. I also tend to go to family friendly times – and avoid evening date sessions to minimise side glares from ther patrons.

  • My youngest child is easy, she just sits entralled, the oldest we have to feed continually. I like lollipops, they last for ages. Then we make sure an adult blocks the aisle and if nothing works we leave. Not fair to ruin it for the others.

  • Recipe For Keeping Little Ones Contained At The Movies:
    Take one child, well-rested preferably.
    Sit child with accompanying adult, away from other cinema-goers, if possible.
    Combine child with a reserve supply of water, endless snacks & hushing until child is satisfied & content.
    Frequent toilet when required.

  • Like Peppa we bring along friends to experience the fun; one of a kind
    Companionship and heart-warming moments shared/beautifully entwined
    By the captivating adventure of never wanting to miss a thing
    A game as everyone listens who wears the magic sparkling ring.

  • My son was two the first time he went to the movies. I was a bit hesitant to take him because he can be quite active. We sat in a row that had some leg room. He sat and watched a fair amount, then got bored part way through so we had some snacks to keep him quiet, and he laid in front of our feet and played quietly with a couple of his Hot Wheels cars. It went better than I was expecting. I haven’t taken him again though, and now I have a nine month old as well, so it might be a bit difficult next time.

  • I’ve never take miss three to the movies it will be her first time in a few weeks and I’m excited

  • With lots of popcorn and we go to Mums and Bubs session so her noise can blend in with the other noisy children.

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