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For me, Peanuts brings back warm childhood memories of reading the comics lift-out at the foot of my parents’ bed on a Sunday morning.

There’s a lot of nostalgia surrounding Charlie M. Schultz’s comic strip. Many generations have grown up with Snoopy, Linus, Lucy, Woodstock and Schroeder, the kid who loves Beethoven. So it’s lovely to see that the Peanuts Movie, from the imagination of Charles M. Schulz and the creators of the ICE AGE films, remains true to its characters.

In the movie, Charlie Brown – the world’s most beloved underdog, embarks upon an epic and heroic quest, while his best pal, the loveable beagle Snoopy, takes to the skies to pursue his arch-nemesis, the Red Baron.

the peanuts movie

All the characters have been lovingly brought to life and the movie manages to look state of the art, but still have a sweet, homemade feel to it.

Still 3

The film is now available on iTunes and on Blu-Ray/DVD and well worth a download so you can introduce your own little ones to the adventures of Snoopy and the gang.

**Our giveaway has now closed. Congratulations to Cathy, Jane, Sarah, Paula and Julia**

To celebrate the digital release of The Peanuts Movie we have FIVE Peanuts prize packs up for grabs. Each prize pack includes:

  • Peanuts Ice Cube Tray
  • Peanuts Baseball
  • Peanuts Post It Set

For your chance to win, simply leave a comment below telling us your favourite childhood memory.

Competition closed April 22, 2016. Please see full terms and conditions.

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  • Touring around New Zealand in a campervan with the family when I was 8…..I swear I ate my way around because I remember cream buns and camp food more than anything else. Happy days

    • I spent a few weeks in NZ as a kid too and have vivid memories of ‘Sally Luns’ which was a name for their cream buns… They must do cream buns really well over there!!

  • Learning to ride my 1st bike at aged 9 with my step dad’s help as i have a disability that made it difficult to balance on bike probarly. He was so helpful and patient.

  • Picking daffodils as kids to sell on the side of the road. Leaving the cut off stems on the kitchen bench Dad arrived home from work to make a cheese and spring onion sandwich. We didn’t have the heart to tell him.

  • Travelling on a huge ship from England to come to live in Australia!!! We spent three weeks on the Australis, we even had school on board. There was a cinema, pools and lots of people, It was amazing and I will never forget it 🙂

  • My favourite childhood memory was a holiday to Port Broughton, South Australia.
    4 brothers and sisters, I think my mum had a hard time keeping an eye on us!
    Travelling in the car, we made a toilet stop. Back in the car for about 20 minutes we all realised my sister was not there! Mum panicked , I laughed ……….only because she had picked on me hours before, lol. We did eventually pick her up….to my dismay 🙂

  • Having chickenpox when I was about 7, it was Christmas, but I was so thrilled to sit out on my driveway, all alone as I was contagious…tapping away on my brand new blue typewriter!!

  • I have lots of fond memories but i often think about my parents buying me a rainbow helium balloon from the markets when i was little. I also remember accidentally letting one go and it floated to the top of the market roof and being devastated and another time one slipped through my fingers walking back to the car floating up into the sky – both times my dad bought me another. My dad went out of his way and spent more money so i could have a rainbow balloon. – happiness.
    I still have a thing about helium balloons although its rare if they are given one i take extreme measures to keep it safe for them and if it escapes them i have to get them another.

  • When my brother and I would get into trouble and get sent to our rooms. The doors were on opposite sides of the hall and we would get a board game out and play… Technically we were still in our rooms and we were quiet to not get caught but mum new and was cool with it.

  • The first time my Mum and Dad took us to the Featherdale Wildlife Park, we were all so excited I think we managed to go a whole day without arguing.

  • My Father was posted abroad as he was in the Armed Forces when I was 4 for a couple of years. We hadn’t seen him for 8 months and we were given permission to spend Christmas on the base he was stationed at – which my parents surprised me with. I still remember how happy I was stepping off the plane and seeing my Dad.

  • getting stuck in the neighbours tree and then my nan flashing her undies s=and she slipped and got stuck too

  • Back when I was younger, my dad would always take me fishing at Busselton Jetty. One day we saw the biggest stingray I have ever seen in my entire life. I have never since seen one bigger on TV nor in the waters, this could have been to do with me being younger but my dad swears it too! Amazing animal, very scary when I was younger covering the water with its vast black mass. I have huge nostalgia over that moment.

  • Our birthdays every year. We got to choose a cake from the woman’s weekly cake cookbook, which mum would stay up baking and icing all night before. It was a fun and memorable tradition that I will pass down to my kids.

  • A simple memory but I LOVE it – camping in the bush, and having competitions to see which kid could spit the watermelon seeds the furtherest!!

  • Filling the plastic little mould trays that chocolates came in, with mud. Once they set, I’d offer these to the neighbours. I thought it was so funny.

  • my trip to Tasmania and going to the snow, my dad putting his hand in a icy river to get me a drink all because i was thirsty.

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