Raw organic Pana Chocolates review

Raw organic Pana Chocolates review
Image from Pana Chocolates.

Chocolates. Who doesn’t like chocolates? Who hasn’t hidden a stash of chocolates in the house and ate them while hiding in fear the children might see?

The problem is that in today’s day and age, we are learning more and more about chemicals and artificial flavours and their effect on our bodies. Organic is the buzzword and science has backed it up. But it doesn’t mean you have to give up eating chocolates.

I was browsing through Instagram when I found Pana Chocolates – locally made organic raw chocolates. Sounds like a good excuse for me not to stop eating these yummy treats. They are made from vegan, organic ingredients with no refined sugar, and produced using minimal heat (aka raw).

I tried out a couple of their chocolates on Valentine’s Day – the Mint, Nuts and Orange. The verdict? They are tasty. Very tasty. I wanted to inhale the whole thing in one sitting. And it’s good to know everything I was enjoying was natural and organic.

Raw organic Pana Chocolates review

What you need to know about raw organic Pana Chocolates:

There are some things that you need to know though before buying them. First of all they are more expensive than your normal grocery-bought chocolates. That is expected because everything organic these days are expensive.

The packet is small for the price, so don’t expect a big block. I guess that is a good thing though. You won’t be tempted to eat the whole block.

It needs to be refrigerated because it will melt in the summer heat.

One thing you’ll have to consider is the sugar content. With all the studies coming out about sugar, there is a big debate about whether natural sugar is just as bad for you as refined sugar. So know that Pana Chocolates do have sugar. If you are quitting refined sugar, then this one is a great alternative to store-bought chocolates. But if you’re quitting sugar altogether, refined or natural, then you might have to find another alternative.

Still, it’s good to know there are choices out there!


Disclaimer: We did not receive anything for this review. We just really like it.

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