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Another year, another Oz Comic-Con. This time, the Sydney Oz Comic-Con was held at the newly built International Convention Centre (ICC).

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It was just as wild as ever, with participants coming in their best cosplay. (My daughter dressed up as No-Face from Spirited Away, and I came as a Handmaid – blessed be.)

This year, we had the fantastic opportunity to have a chat with two of the stars from Oz Comic-Con – David Giuntoli from Grimm and Michael Malarkey from The Vampire Diaries. Although both shows have unfortunately wrapped up, fans will keep enjoying it thanks to the magic that is TV streaming services.

Read up on our QnA with David.

david giuntoli

Where you happy with how Grimm ended?

I think so. It was a dark take on fairytales. I was quite pleased [with how it ended]. I haven’t seen the final episode but I lived it.

Which one you think fits Nick better, Juliet or Adalind?

I always say whichever woman wanted to kill Nick less. I feel like Juliet’s character went through the bad, she kinda got the wrong end of the deal. They gave us a little bit of closure but I think she could’ve had more redemption.

Who was your favourite character?

Monroe, clearly. He’s incredible. He’s the reason why we were on the air for so long!

Any possibility of a Grimm movie?

Haven’t heard of a Grimm movie but it would be great, without a doubt.

What was it like directing an episode of Grimm and would you like to direct more?

It was one of the most fun I’ve ever had. I would love to direct, I’m writing a couple of things now and if ever I get a series I want to keep it in my contract to direct a couple of episodes.

Any future projects?

There are some stuff on the horizon, nothing quite solid yet so I don’t want to jinx it. But we’re very close.

What was the craziest thing a fan ever gave you?

One of the best gifts I got was an embroidered frame of Henry, our French bulldog.

Why did the show end?

When you sign up for a series in the United States you sign up for six seasons and after that you need to renegotiate every contact. Sometimes networks think that’s too costly. They told us they wont do a seventh season and we filled our sixth season, which is hard to do in today’s market.

Any chance it will be picked up by another network?

I think the actors wouldn’t want it at this point. You never know though there can be remakes.

Here is our chat with Michael.

michale malarkeyAre you happy with how the series ended?

The writers had a mammoth task to be able to wrap up all those storylines in one episode. My only beef is that they should have given them all two-hour special episode to be able to do it justice. It wasn’t enough. It felt rushed.

What do you think Enzo is doing right now?

I don’t know. I couldn’t keep up with what was going on when people went away. It was so hard to keep up with the mythology when I first arrived on set. I had no idea what I was going to be hit with. I sat down with Melinda Hsu Taylor (The Vampire Diaries writer) and she talked me through for two hours, about moonstones and werewolves. I was jetlagged and I was trying to absorb all this information and it was all so intense.

Any crazy thing a fan has ever done to you?

They are more enthusiastic than creepy. I get biscuits and chocolates which I can’t eat because you never know. For the most part they are all respectful. There are some who have a hard time differentiating between you the character and you the human being and they think they really know you and they look at you in this way and it starts to get creepy. But other than that I haven’t received any creepy gifts or anything.

Would you consider merging your singing career and acting career and doing a musical or a play or something?

I hate musicals. I’ll go see a friend who is doing one but I’ll leave that to the people who love it. I don’t get a kick out of it, it actually stresses me out. But I started out in theatre. My big break was at the National Theatre. I was actually cast out of London to play Enzo.

How are you taking the attention from The Vampire Diaries fans?

It was definitely weird at first. I’ll never forget the first convention I did. It was in Rome. I didn’t have an idea this was a global phenomenon. I went out on stage on my solo QnA, thousands of people were all literally screaming, holding posters. I thought Ian [Somerhalder] was behind me or something. It brought tears to my eyes. At first it was very overwhelming and felt completely unjustified. For TV and film actors this is a chance for us to meet the fans. I am super grateful for everything, especially since it gave me a platform to put my music out there.

Any new projects you can tell us?

We’ve almost finished filming new series called The Oath for Crackle. It’s about cop gangs – super gritty, realistic. I have a mustache in it. I wanted to do something next that was a complete 180 to the supernatural world. It’s a great ensemble and it’s coming out next year. I also did an episode of Jean Claude Van Damme’s comedy series. My character is Bulgarian and I had to do a Bulgarian accent. I’m also touring for my first album and I’ve written my second album. Busy times.

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