Oz Comic-Con Brisbane, Sydney

Photo Credit Javis Wong

It is Brisbane and Sydney’s turn to get their costumes out! Oz Comic-Con will be coming to Brisbane on September 19-20 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre and in Sydney on September 26-27 at the Sydney Exhibition Centre.


Oz Comic-Con will feature a huge variety of celebrity guests, comic artists, interactive features and fantastic exhibitors.

Guests include Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver, Stargate SG-1), Jim Beaver (Supernatural), David Hewlett (Stargate), Christopher Heyerdahl (Sanctuary), Sam Lloyd (Scrubs), Rachel Luttrell (Stargate Atlantics), Rob Maschio (Scrubs), Rachel Nichols (Continuum), Kris Holden-Ried (Lost Girl), Ryan Robbins (Sanctuary), Tim Rose (Star Wars) and Ksenia Solo (Lost Girl).

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Guests will be available for autograph and photograph opportunities, as well as taking part in exclusive Q&A panels.

Taking place during the September school holidays, Oz Comic-Con Brisbane and Sydney are the perfect way to keep the whole family entertained. From the Family Activity Room, where kids can take a break from the main show floor to play, to the Berocca Boost Gaming Zone where gamers of all ages can showcase their skills, there’s something for all ages.

Photo Credit Clare Hawley
Photo Credit Clare Hawley
Photo Credit Javis Wong
Photo Credit Javis Wong

You wanna go? For tickets to Oz Comic-Con, click here.



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What important lesson did you get from a superhero/comic book when you were young that you never forgot over the years?

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  • “We’re only mortal” – a quote from Jean-Luc Picard which is a very valuable life lesson! I find it’s relevant when we’re trying to do too much, when we’re trying to stop something that’s inevitable, and when death is on the cards.
    We love it so much that our first son’s middle name is… Picard!

  • Oh, definitely from Superman- even the strongest and most capable person in the universe has their kryptonite. When you think about it, it’s a powerful message- none of us are invulnerable, none of us are perfect.

  • The main thing that has stuck with me is that just because you can do something doesn’t mean it’s always right to do it. That’s what I’ve tried to instil in my kids.

  • Although not traditional comic book heroines, Betty and Veronica from my beloved Archie comics planted the seed in my subconscious that you always put your girlfriends above boys. Boys will come and go but your besties will be there to pick up the pieces. It was girl power pre-Spice Girls!

  • Betty and Veronica from Archie comics planted the seed in my subconscious that boys will come and go but your besties will always pick up the pieces. It was girl power pre-Spice Girls!

  • To understand your weaknesses. Knowing when to ask for help is such an important (and hard) thing to do. This lesson can take a lifetime to learn.

  • Don’t stop trying until the job is done. Superman never said “I’ll try my best to save the planet” and then just gave up. So I’ll make damned sure that my jobs are always completed.

  • ‘Even Superhero’s have a weakness ‘
    It doesn’t matter how strong you are or how cool you look in lycra, we all have our demons, our cross to bear, our weakness. It’s how we manage it that matters.

  • I loved the Barbie comic strips that used to be out years ago. Barbie taught me that I can be anything or anyone I want. It’s not impossible to achieve my dream

  • I’ve learnt that wearing your undies over your tights is never a good look, nor hygienic. Also, capes are cool. I’d love to take my family to Oz Comic-Con Sydney 🙂

  • Thanks to Game of Thrones _ have learnt never become attached to anyone and people are not just good or bad but all shades of gray – Sydney

  • From a real superhero Christopher Reeve/Superman…… “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” and isn’t that the truth!

  • That you can be yourself, you don’t need to have powers to be a superhero to change the world, the power comes from within…

  • What I learnt was from the wisest psuedo super hero. His name is Bobby Singer and he taught me that family don’t end in blood.

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