OMGYes – What it is and why you need it now


If you haven’t seen that video of Emma Watson mentioning the website, OMGYes then let me explain what it is.

The website advertises itself as one that lifts the veil on women’s sexual pleasure. “Constantly explore new ways to increase pleasure based in new research, videos and simulations. Knowledge for women and partners to make a good thing even better.”

You need to pay to have access to the website but they have a free trial so you can see what is in it before you decide whether you want to pay or not.

OMGYes: What you’ll find

The website discusses various ways that women masturbate – in a nutshell. There are several methods that women use and on each method, three women are interviewed about their self pleasuring process.

If you’re not used to seeing other women play with themselves, then brace yourself. After the interviews you then get to see how exactly they do it. Yes, you will see women playing with their own vaginas – but not in a pornographic way (you know, fake moans, fake orgasms etc). It is more like a how-to video than anything.

After watching those videos, you will then get a chance to play with the virtual vaginas the way you just learned how. This one is a bit weird, especially since I’ve never played with other women’s vaginas in real life. The point of the virtual masturbation is so you get a sense of how the other women did it and then try it on yourself.

There are methods that won’t suit you but there will be others that you might find enjoyable. I’m telling you, there will be an OMGYes moment when you find that method that fits you perfectly.

But I don’t need it

Yes, I know what you mean. We are fine in the bedroom as well. Okay, not really fine, fine. We are normal. Some days you are too tired, some days that’s all you wanna do, some days it is the last thing you wanna do, some days you think your mind is going to explode, and some days you are doing things you never thought you’d do down there.

Apparently though, there are sooo many things we didn’t know about pleasing women’s bodies. I’m not shy in terms of sex. I’ve experimented since I hit puberty. I’ve always been sexually active and I love sex. But the things you learn from others and the things you learn from porn is nothing compared to the data behind OMGYes.

It turns out, things can get better in bed – whether you have a partner or not. If you do have a partner, this is something you guys should share. It’s better if you have a playmate.

Is it worth it?

A one-time payment of $39 gives you access to twelve OMGYes  episodes packed with insights you can try tonight. There’s 50 short videos, with 11 ‘touchable’ videos.

I am confident in saying that it is worth it. OMGYes is an open and frank discussion about women’s bodies and our right to feel pleasure. It is a way for women to learn from each other, to free themselves from the years of oppressive mentality that if you find an iota of pleasure in sex you are considered a slut. It isn’t wrong to find better ways to please yourself. It isn’t wrong to share this discovery with your partner. It is right to expect that you have just as much right to enjoy your body as anyone else.



Disclosure: We really really just wanted to try OMGYes.

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OMGYes – What it is and why you need it now

If you haven’t seen that video of Emma Watson mentioning the website,...
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