Why you need a Nanna Nap now!

Nanna nap

Sleeping has got to be my favourite past time. And how good is a Nanna nap? I hate to think how many hours sleep I have lost since having kids… I haven’t needed an alarm clock since my eldest was born almost 10 years ago, and I haven’t been able to shake off that feeling of tiredness ever since.

Ask any mum what she wants for Christmas, or Mother’s Day or her birthday and I’ll bet she says a sleep in. Or a nap. Oh, the sweet, sweet luxury of a nap! I tend to think of sleep as a luxury, so its easy to forget the benefits of a good Nanna nap.

Sleeping is actually one of the best ways to destress. Think about the days you had a good sleep – you can conquer just about anything. But the days after a bad sleep? Hello tired, irritable, cranky mum. Those days are always the hardest. No matter how much coffee you have.

This time of year its easy to get overwhelmed with work and kids and presentation nights and end of season this and family gathering that and getting everything sorted for Christmas and wondering why your pavlova keeps cracking…

It’s time to take a Nanna nap!

Naps have been scientifically proven to offer a host of physical and mental health benefits. For instance, did you know a nap can:

  • Improve your memory by up to five times
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Help regulate hormones and your appetite (I can attest to this one – I always eat more when I am tired)
  • Keep your heart healthy
  • Increase productivity
  • Lower the risk of stroke an diabetes

FACT: Our bodies are predisposed to want to nap because survival depends on out alertness. Makes sense, right?

So take a Nanna nap, and leave the guilt at the door. Its scientifically imperative that you take time out and recharge those batteries because we are all at risk of burn out. Now more than ever. And we all want to be the best version of ourselves.

How long should you nap for?

There’s naps and there’s naps. Some Nanna naps better than others. You know how sometimes you wake up and feel worse than you did when you first feel asleep? That’s the ‘Bad Idea’ nap.

Here’s a quick guide to the good and the not so good naps (although trust me – I’d take whatever I could get!):

The Cat Nap: 20 minutes

This brief power nap works best if you’re in need of an energy and mood refresher. Its the anti-grump cat nap.

The Dream Come True nap: 45 minutes

This slightly longer nap will take you into REM sleep and aid the creative thinking required to make your dreams a reality.

The Bad Idea nap: 60 minutes

This is the nap I was talking about. Its best to cap your nap to a maximum 45 minutes. Anymore than that and you will turn yourself into a groggy zombie.

Tips for the ultimate Nanna nap

Now we know how important that extra sleep can be, ditch the guilt and have a good lie down. But this can be all easier said than done, especially when you have so many thoughts (and kids!) racing around.

The sleep dream team at Casper have put together this cheat sheet on how to get the perfect nap, aside from just a great mattress. Because its tricky to get the right nap length, you need to hit that bed running, so to speak. So here’s what you need to do:

tips for the ultimate Nanna nap

Sweet dreams!

This isn’t a sponsored post, we just like our sleep and the info Casper sent us!

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