Make a positive imprint on life with Moeloco Thongs

Moeloco thongs

A pair of Moeloco Thongs would be a fab gift for mums. With fun and funky prints, they’re a great summer accessory. But even better, these flip flops make a positive imprint on life in more ways than one…

Messages of peace and love

Moeloco thongsMoeloco thongs come in five different designs and all of them have positive messages of peace and love printed on the soles, with messages like ‘Live Love’, ‘Dream Crazy’, ‘Because I’m Happy’, ‘I am peace’, and ‘I am grateful’.

The Australian creator of Moelco thongs, Kathy Wong says “When you wear Moeloco thongs, and walk in the sand, you are truly leaving messages of inspiration.”

It is pretty cool to walk along the beach and leave a message behind in the sand. I have been wearing a pair that says “Be Happy”. I found that the fit was a little tight when I first wore them, and my feet are long and narrow, but they soon adjusted.

Moeloco thongs – making a real difference

More than 300 million children in the world have no shoes and rarely attend school. Kathy knew that she had to do something about it, so for every pair of thongs sold, Moeloco donates canvas shoes to a child in poverty.

“In rural India, the children may walk through snake infested fields, across dust tracks, or around local reservoirs to reach school. They also have a high risk of picking up infections from the ground, as they wade through human waste, toxic waters, and cesspools.

“It is hard to imagine this reality, but we are making a difference through my crazy Moeloco dream! Thongs are everyday shoes to most of us, but to the poor children in India, they are life-saving luxuries.”

Moeloco also has two designs specifically designed for men and has just launched a kid’s range. All are $45 each which includes free shipping within Australia and New Zealand. So if you’re looking for a cool Christmas gift idea or stocking filler, Moeloco thongs is a great place to start.

This isn’t a sponsored post, but we did receive a pair of Moeloco thongs for review purposes

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