Is the modern lifestyle ruining your life?

modern lifestyle

Life is busy, I get that. Everyone has things they want to achieve and not enough time to achieve it. Our modern lifestyle, especially for women, has become a never-ending race to be everything for everyone at all times but it could be ruining your life.

Women have fought hard to get to where we are today. We have independence to choose where we work, if and when we have a family and the lifestyle we want to live. Our voices are now heard and respected in more countries than ever before. In the process of fighting for all this independence and taking on more responsibility, we have forgotten to let other responsibilities go.

In the past, more women chose to stay at home with the children, take care of the family and run a successful household. Many hours were spent preparing healthy meals, playing and educating children and keeping the family unit moving in the same direction. I grew up in a traditional household with mum around before and after school. Life didn’t seem too chaotic but we didn’t have mobile phones or social media back then.

In the present, more women choose to work, taking them out of the house for a period of time. I have always worked since starting a family but what I forgot along the way was when you take on more responsibilities, you need to let a few things go. I often try to manage work, the kids’ busy lives, keeping a tidy house and cooking healthy meals. To add to this, I am determined to look fit and healthy so I have found the modern way has taken the lifestyle out of living.

Between juggling every day life and making a name for myself in the business world, there never seems to be enough time to actually take a breath and enjoy what is happening around me. Why am I creating such a wonderful life if I don’t have time to actually enjoy it?

How to put a life back into your lifestyle

Life is going by so quickly and I don’t want to miss everything because I am so busy. So I have come up with a few things I can do daily that won’t interfere with my busy life too much but will allow me not to miss everything:

  • Spend 10 minutes a day to just be. I don’t need to go anywhere quiet or to be on my own but I allow myself 10 minutes every day to just be, allowing everything that is happening around me to be soaked into my thoughts. It’s my 10 minutes of meditation without chaos.
  • Start to listen with passion. I was always a good listener but lately my skills in this area are slowly disappearing. I listen but don’t actually hear as I am too busy thinking of the next thing I need to do. Now I try to listen with intent and to hear the emotions behind the words as that is where the story really lies.
  • Put down the phone. This one is easier said than done. As soon as I have a spare minute, and I mean minute, I pick up my phone and scroll through Facebook or Pinterest or check emails. I am never just sitting in the moment and watching what is happening around me. This is one of my bad habits that I am trying to break.
  • When I am with my family, actually be with my family. Time is precious and many of us don’t get moments every day to spend quality time with the family. So when the time is available, I put everything else aside and simply enjoy it. I find that I talk to my kids more, I listen to my husband and I laugh with my sisters.
  • Read a little every day. It doesn’t matter what I read – a novel, a magazine, a newspaper or my child’s fiction story, I make sure I take a little time to read. Reading reconnects you with your mind and brings you back to reality – even for a moment. It subconsciously slows the mind down and may even help you remember what you are doing all this for.

If you are like me and feel that the modern lifestyle is ruining your life, try these easy and quick things every day and maybe the fast pace life we all lead with slow down just a little.

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