Moana at the Moonlight Cinema review

Moana at the Moonlight Cinema
Image from Disney.

A cool night, warm fries, cushy beanbags and a beautiful movie – it was the perfect night for Moana at the Moonlight Cinema. A great end to my daughter’s birthday.

Moana at the Moonlight Cinema

Moana is the story of Moana Waialiki, the daughter and heir of the chief of a beautiful Polynesian island called Motunui. She’s a different type of Disney princess, one with a crazy chicken for a sidekick. Moana is adventurous, curious, strong and brave. She wants to go beyond the island’s reef but is not allowed by her father, the chief.

But when her island is threatened by the darkness, Moana has no choice but to leave to find Maui, the shape-shifting demigod, to fix what he destroyed a thousand years ago and drive away the darkness.

Her journey takes her across the oceans, braving the unknown on her own (her sidekick chicken does not count but it is the most hilarious chicken ever). It’s not an easy mission, too. She faces coconut pirates (yes, coconut pirates, so very cute ones), a very angry giant lava woman and the selfish, quite conceited demigod Maui (voiced by The Rock). But she perseveres even though she is scared. It helps that she is the Sea’s chosen one (every time she falls off the raft, the sea literally puts her back on it).

Moana is a great role model for little girls. Not only is she brave, she is also tenacious and so very agile. She is determined and courageous even though the odds are against her.

It is a really fun movie, and well worth watching.

Moana at the Moonlight Cinema

Watching the movie outdoors makes it even more special. My daughter declared it the best birthday ever! We will be doing it again, definitely. And if your dog is nice, not like mine, you can bring it along to the theatre. It is definitely an event for the whole family.

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